028 julia haghjooKarl Lagerfeld surprises every season with some unexpected ideas for each Show. This year in October 2015, he created a new Airline, called the Chanel Airlines. The guests came into Chanel Airport with their own Chanel boarding tickets that led editors to their seats. Waiting at Gate N°5 isn’t really bad, right? To get a better impression of Karl Lagerfelds Creation, I had the opportunity discovering the Collection from a different perspective. Therefore I’ve been at the Chanel SS16 Press Day, that took place in Munich one week ago. I must admit, that it was just worth it getting a closer look into each item. Everything is well-designed and made with lot of details. Furthermore, as you might see it on the pictures, the designer worked with several prints and textile references. There were Ikats, tartans and tweeds, layers of saris were teamed with Brooklyn bomber jackets. All in all, each piece collaged perfectly together! But most of all, I was amazed by the Accessories. The luggages and planes are the highlight of the Collection that represent the theme of the Collection as it’s best. Of course, the colors, belt buckles, plane pins, just everything fit perfectly into the whole Collection. Karl Lagerfeld is definitely a master of surprising the whole world with different themes of creation. It’s always unique, unexpected and exciting. Cannot wait for the next season! For now, I have to leave. It’s boarding time. Au revoir directly from Chanel Airlines. Next stop, …!

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Images by Julia Haghjoo