granmeliarome-rome-romehotels-travelblogger-rom-juliahaghjoo-colosseum-view 01I visited the capital of Italy, the Eternal City Rome last month. I went there with my boyfriend and we had five exciting days in this incredible city. We visited so many places and sights throughout Rome and we were fascinated by all these historic places. We stayed for three nights in The Westin Excelsior Hotel, which is a five-star luxury hotel.

The Westin Excelsior Hotel has a great location in the heart of Rome on the famous street „Via Veneto“. It belongs to the Group of Starwood Hotels, whose hotels and resorts are all rated very well. The Westin Excelsior Hotel started business in the year of 1906 in one of Rome’s most imposing palaces. The hotel is therefore well established and well known by the visitors and inhabitants of Rome. The interior design is very traditional and known for its luxury and comfort. You find a lot of antique furniture and beautiful crystal chandeliers there. The hotel has 316 rooms and suites, which are all very impressive including their marble bathrooms. The lobby is very spacious. The hotel has a spa and a gym with a size of 300 square meters. The Westin Excelsior Hotel has a great selection of dining options in-house. There are the stylish lounge bars and the Doney Restaurant, which is known for its excellent Mediterranean Cuisine. One evening we ate dinner in this restaurant. It was an amazing experience and the food was just delicious. The risotto was definitely my highlight of the menu.

The hotel itself is surrounded by restaurants, cafés and shops. The location of the hotel is perfect, if you want to visit the famous sights of Rome. It is only a five- minute walk to the Villa Borghese and the Piazza Barberini. You can also use public transportation to get to the other attractions of the city like the Vatican City or the Colosseum. We rented a Vespa motor scooter for a day and it was an awesome experience to discover the Eternal City with that. We had a lot of fun and were enjoying the typical Italian Flair in the city. With the Vespa we could reach the main attractions really quick. The weather was perfect for the sightseeing and we started early in the day with it, because during the day most of the sights are very crowded. We loved the ice cream in Rome, it is so tasty. You absolutely should try it when you are in town.

The Westin Excelsior Hotel in Rome is a wonderful hotel with a long tradition. It is perfect for guests, who love historic buildings and antiques. After a long day of sightseeing the hotel offers a perfect way to relax in the spa and gym. Book yourself a massage or swim in the pool, you will be relaxed very soon there. The rooms and suites are unique and very spacious as the whole building itself. As guests, we loved the atmosphere of the hotel and the outstanding service of the staff.

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