djjdijowefWelcome to Winter Wonderland, the Suvretta House Hotel. My sister and I arrived on Tuesday and  stay until today as we are going to Paris for Cartier tomorrow. I must admit, that it’s a real dream experiencing such a wonderful time in St. Moritz, especially because of the weather conditions. I never have seen so much snow in the recent years, it’s unbelievable white, cold and at the same time incredible beautiful! Sometimes I need to pinch myself to realize what glorious things I’m able to make. Staying at the Suvretta House and doing this unbelievable trip together with Range Rover make everything just unique and perfect! The Suvretta Hotel is such a lovely Hotel with it’s own charm and history. To be honest, it feels like home! Everyone who is working at the hotel is super kind and helpful. The food, the service, the location. Everything is like a perfect dream! I never want to leave this please, especially not today, oh no! But,things getting further so that I need to pack my luggages and going back to Germany today. I’ll definitely enjoy the last hours at the Suvretta to the fullest. Going to the last time to breakfast, than to their huge and amazing panorama SPA,  drinking the last tea in their lobby before going out and enjoying the last minutes in the snow. Yes, I’ll never ever forget this snowy trip to St. Moritz. Can’t wait for the next time. Below you can see some of my recommendations:



Hotel Suvretta House
Via Chasellas 1
CH – 7500 St. Moritz, Switzerland

Important: You need definitely a car for this trip!

My sister and started from Hamburg and took a plane till Munich until we drove by car from Munich to St. Moritz, but you can also rent a car from Zurich or Milan. That is the best way to get to St. Moritz. Or of course, you take your private jet, plane whatever to get to the mountains.


You are able doing several things at the hotel, as they have a great selection of activities.

1. Skiing, Gym, Pool, Whirlpool, Treatments, Sauna, Ice- Skating, several Restaurants…

My favorite activities: to be honest, you need to do all activities as everything make so much fun! 🙂


I tried three of further Restaurants at the Suvretta Hotel:

1. The ‚Suvretta Stube‚ is a really classy and easy Restaurant that offer delicious food. You will find the Restaurant inside the Suvretta House. My recommendation: the potatoe soup as a starter and the flammkuchen with truffles as a main course.

2. The Chasellas Restaurant is on the top of the mountains, in the high of 1936 meters, from the Suvretta House it’s easy to get there. First option, is getting by foot to the Restaurant that takes 10 minutes or second option, by car.

3. The Grand Restaurant is with it’s elegant and chic dress code definitely a wonderful and traditional place. My sister and I had such a unforgettable night at their Restaurant yesterday. You NEED to try their cheese plate as a desert. That was more than delicious!

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Images by Sylvia & Julia Haghjoo