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Finally it’s spring, you can’t imagine how happy I am seeing the sun and the blue sky outside! There is nothing better during that seasion, especially because my favorite flowers are available to buy: tulips and as the last months were just grey, rainy, really hectic and stressful, so that my soul and body just broke down several times and made me sick, but HEY these cute colorful tulips make me smile.  Back to the illness, these are definitely some signals that I should really take seriously, but I am such a workaholic. I hate just lying in bed by doing nothing. To be honest, on sundays I really love that kind of lazy and chilly days, but I’m always on the run and need some action.  However, now that I’m sick again I should probably take some attention of myself and just concentrate on the last final exams that take place in the end of April. Wish me luck and don’t forget to get your own tulips! The flowers make every kitchen or living room just unique and beautiful! 🙂

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