011 julia haghjooIt’s the 12.10.2015. Finally, after a wonderful but at the same time super stressful fashion month I cannot wait taking my flight to Marrakech together with my sister, Sylvia. Marokko and the La Mamounia Hotel are waiting for us. Now,¬†five days ago a I experienced positive and negative things that I want to share in today’s article with you guys. First of all, marrakech is adorable and the La Mamounia Hotel is a total dream. As soon as we arrived in Marrakech Airport our luggages did not arrived with us. Actually we had a Connection Flight and the first plane was totally delayed, so that the whole luggage disaster just started. But later more to that problem. However, a driver from the La Mamounia Hotel waited at the Airport for us to drive us to the hotel. The La Mamonia welcomed us in such a lovely way and brought us to our Suite that is more than breath-taking. I think that is definitely the first hotel that works perfectly from A to Z. I’m still super speechless. It starts with a delicious breakfast by the pool, than no matter where you are you have a wonderful view to their garden, the restaurants are great to try and the interior is very special, but well known for it’s Country. Oh yes, there is everyday something to explore and to discover. The area is huge, so that no one can disturb you. The La Mamounia is like it’s own world, kind of therapy Center/ Place. I think you can understand my point of view as soon as you will might experience it by yourself. It is a magical and peaceful place, you will be able to rest, relax and charge your batteries at the La Mamounia Hotel. Since I’m here, I start my day with a yummy breakfast by the pool, working on my tan, take tons of photos, explore the area and of course, calling several times to the international airports to figure out where my luggages are. There are still gone, no one is able to help me…I’m not able to work, to shoot my outfits and cannot be patiently after 5 days of waiting anymore… Its a total mess! It can’t be possible that on one is helping me in this case. Pictures are always nice and are showing you that everything is perfect, and of course, I have a really great time in Marokko, but I just wanted to relax and chill. Now, I’m stressed out and could hit someone. The feeling of being powerless is just horrible. I really hope that my things are coming back and try to ignore my feelings just to enjoy my stay as best as I can. I’m just telling you guys my problem, just that it might won’t happen to you. My advise to you: never ever book a connection flight! Just if you have enough time between your two flights. And always say no, in case the crew wants to take away your suitcase. But the good news are that the La Mamounia is helping me everyday with my problem. I mean, they do not supposed to do that, right? I’m just thankful that there are people in the world that have a big heart and help you with pleasure without charging you money. Thank you La Mamounia for making my stay just unique! In the next days you guys can check part 2 of my stay in Marrakech.

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