julia haghjoo 002Some of you guys might remember that I’ve been in St. Moritz ( Switzerland ) in December 2015. Quite over one month ago since I was staying at the Kulm Hotel in St. Moritz together with my sister, Sylvia and my boyfriend, Leon. We had so much fun and truly enjoyed every minute in Switzerland. It was my second time in St. Moritz and I must admit, that it turned out into a traditional thing. Our next trip to St. Moritz is already planned. My sister and I are going back in March 2016. Cannot wait for a great project and also for some private time. However, may I introduce you the Kulm Hotel now? It’s a very traditional and luxury Hotel that is based in St. Moritz. The history of the hotel is insane. My boyfriend and I had the opportunity getting a little tour through the whole hotel while listening to the PR who told us interesting facts and information. I love traditional hotels. Why? I mean, those hotels has it’s own charm and own story. I like that. Of course, new design hotels are great, but you cannot compare such hotels with each other. I think you know what I want to explain, right? The best part of the Kulm Hotel is definitely the SPA area. I’ve never seen such a big focus on Wellness and SPA. You can find everything in there. On top you have an incredible view over the mountains and St. Moritz village. Especially during winter season you are able enjoying a wonderful snowy view. And the best thing, you can swim outside and look through the nature. Amazing, right? But not only the SPA amazed me, the food was also very delicious. We were invited in one of many more restaurant that are integrated at the Kulm Hotel. The italian restaurant ‚The Pizzeria‘ had such an delicious risotto with truffle. Definitely my highlight! You should try it in case you are around.

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Photos by Julia & Sylvia Haghjoo