050 julia haghjooIt’s always a pleasure working with the Kempinski Hotel Group. I remember my first cooperation with the Palais Hansen Kempinski Hotel in Vienna two years ago. It was a real honor for me staying in one of the best hotels. Now, I appreciate having them as a partner. No matter where my sister and I are going, the Kempinski Hotels are always my first choice! Of course, I’m trying out further hotels, but if you found your favorite Group than you prefer it more often than other ones, right? That’s why I stayed the second time at the Kempinski Hotel Vier Jahres Zeiten that is based at the Maximilianstraße in Munich, Germany. A wonderful and traditional hotel that I can recommend to everyone of you. With a history of more than 110 years the Kempinski Hotels are the oldest luxury hotel group in Europe. The history of the traditional company is based in Geneva and started in 1897 with the founding of the „Hotel-Aktiengesellschaft“ in Berlin. Read more about the Heritage of Kempinski, here.  Furthermore I need to tell you, that the hotel is unique and adorable to visit during Winter Season. As soon as we arrived, the hotel started to decorate everything for Christmas and New Years Eve. Everything is lovely prepared, but my highlight was definitely the big Christmas tree that you can find currently in their Lobby. Surrounded with tables and chairs you are always able to take your little break to drink tea or chocolate. No matter, if you are a hotel guest or visitor. Everyone is allowed to come in and enjoy some cozy hours at the Hotel. Believe me, you won’t regret it!

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Images by Julia Haghjoo