the chedi 045Good morning, today I can finally share with you all images from the Chedi Resort & Spa Hotel, the second hotel we ( Sylvia, Juliane and I ) stayed in during our time in Muscat, Oman. The Chedi is definitely one of the nicest hotels I know. Everything made me just speechless in a positive way with it’s skillfully understated elegance, the perfect mix of Omani architecture and convincing Zen style from Asia. The hotel is pure luxury, a beautiful place for itself and has a clear and minimalistic design that I adore.

Furthermore the Chedi Hotel offer a prime location on the beach, have three genius pools and is around 15 minutes away from the Airport. Also, the hotel attract with their exclusive large resort that is filled with white buildings underlined by symmetrically landscape gardens. All rooms and suites has a luxurious furnishing. My highlight during our stay at the Chedi Hotel was the Suite that has also a private terrace with a view of the garden and ponds, the Al Hajar Mountains and the Arabian Sea.

I must admit, that we enjoyed every single minute of our stay, it was so much fun shooting outfits, working on our tan, exploring the whole Resort, eating and drinking at the Club Lounge that you should book on top, if you are planning coming to the Chedi, as they serve delicious food at the afternoon and night. But also the gym is one of my favorite highlights. Juliane and I had so much fun doing our training at their gym. Well, as you can read the Chedi has a lot to offer and I promise you guys you will not regret it. Still dreaming and missing it!

This place is just pure magic, relaxation and the perfect place to escape. You should have this destination on your bucket list, for sure! It’s obvious that I fell in love with Muscat. 🙂

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Images by Sylvia & Julia Haghjoo