juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-070Sylvia, my boyfriend and I went on a business trip to London a few weeks ago. Therefore we decided to spend a night at London’s famous Brown’s Hotel. We arrived early but checking into our suite was no problem. Wow, and what a suite it was! Really spacious and just perfect for the three of us! The Brown’s Hotel even offers unpacking service. While the friendly room service got to work, we went off for some sightseeing before our meetings.

Our first stop was the Tate Modern Museum. We were chauffeured there in style by the hotel’s own driver called Paul, a great guy. After a couple of hours we went to have a bite in a restaurant just close by the Tate Modern Museum. Then we took an Uber to get back to the hotel. While Leon checked some private galleries that are based near the hotel, we girls hit to a meeting that was luckily  just a few steps away from the Brown’s Hotel! However, London is such a great place for finding something special, and the choice is fantastic!

Of course we couldn’t stay at the Brown’s Hotel without enjoying their famous afternoon tea. We had booked in advance, and the whole experience was a delight. I’m sure this must be the best afternoon tea ever and certainly the most famous in London. Their choice of teas is impressive: 17 different blends of tea, including their own Brown’s Hotel blend. The tea is served together with a huge assortment of delicious finger sandwiches, cakes and pastries; all nicely displayed on three-tiered stands. Sylvia tucked into yummy scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam while Leon and I tried the whole lot. The English Tea Room has such a relaxing, homely atmosphere, just like a room in a country house. Wood panelling and fireplaces give an elegant, traditional feel, but the whole is accessorized with modern lighting and contemporary fabrics. Sitting here it was easy to see why Brown’s Hotel has been such a success since it first opened in 1837. Back then, it was London’s first ever hotel. Many famous people have stayed here since, including royalty and many a film star.

Later that night we met some friends at a bar. It was great seeing our friends again.  Needless to say that we slept like angels afterwards; the beds and in fact the whole suite was a true delight – as was the breakfast in the morning! I could have stayed there forever. Next time we’ll book for a whole week!juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-033juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-011juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-010juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-015juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-014juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-04juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-01juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-08juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-013juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-016juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-017juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-02juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-03juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-06juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-018juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-023juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-025juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-030juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-040juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-034juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-043juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-037juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-055juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-057juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-052juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-050juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-059juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-058juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-0602juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-051juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-054juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-056juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-045juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-047juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-041juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-032juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-035juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-022juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-048juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-042juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-026juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-07juliahaghjoo-brownshotel-london-blogger-travel-012