014 julia haghjooThose who live or visited Hamburg once, know that we do not have Trams in the City, but it was not always like this. Today’s caption is called ‚Straßenbahnring‘, a street name in Hamburg where people life in their residential area. It looks super exciting, if you walk by, but it’s even more interesting, if you have the knowledge about the history of that place. So here we go. The Hanseatic people opened 1894 the first electric Tram line, but the Senate of the Hanseatic City decided in 1958 to decommissioning the entire network. Such a pity, because I really would like to experience my own Hometown with such a Tram Network. 1978 they converted into buses. Means, I never experienced Hamburg City that works with Trams, but I remember my first time in Berlin, Düsseldorf or Munich. That is a total different story. It is normal to use Trams to get from A to B. In Hamburg we use our S-Bahn, U-Bahn or Buses, but to be honest as much as I wanted to experience Hamburg in 1894, I’m super happy that we have such a beautiful City surrounded with our adorable Alster and a great connected public transportations.


Coat – Baum und Pferdgarten ( similar )

Scarf – My Cosy Couture

Trousers – Zalando

Heels – Sam Edelman ( similar )

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Pictures by Leon Weinhold