2D9A9044Shorter hair, don’t care! You might recognized that I changed a bit or let’s better say my hair length. I was thinking quite a long time about cutting my hair length and finally my favorite hairdresser called Marlies Möller at the Waitzstraße 28 realized my dream. It was my first time visiting the Salon at the Waitzstraße 28 as I always had my appointments at their first Salon at Neuer Wall 61. Both Salons are just amazing. The first one is bigger and the second a bit smaller, but I can totally recommend both Salons to you guys it’s just up to you where you are located in Hamburg or where you prefer to go. However, let’s come to my hair: as I really wanted to change (despite the shorter hair ) I also asked for some new and decent caramel highlights. The whole process took around 1/2 hours including creating a hairstyle. I was super happy about the results and I still don’t regret my decision about my shorter hair. I love it and feel very comfortable. Of course it is strange at the first moment, especially if you try to make a plait, but meanwhile I’m super satisfied and thankful that Marlies Möller create a genius hair creation on my head.

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1. Cut, 2. Color, 3. Hairstyle: 

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Images by Sylvia Haghjoo