ssThose who are follow me on my Social Media Profiles know that I have been in Muscat together with Sylvia and Juliane two weeks ago. I’ve received a lot of question about our stay in the Oman, that’s why I would love to give you all important facts and information about our trip.

Well, first of all I never imagined how much time I’ll spend in hotel rooms and that I’ll have the opportunity to work with some hotels when starting my blogging adventure. But obviously when you begin traveling much, the hotels where you stay become quite an important choice and I must admit that I’m getting more and more picky on each trip. Well, when I was younger, on holidays for example, I wouldn’t even care where we ( my family and I ) stayed, because I knew that we would spend the day out in town, at the beach, or exploring the city. But now, the hotel is like a peaceful place where you can find some rest and relaxation after a crazy day of running. Nothing feels more important than going back to your room and feel safe and cozy.

I must say that I love working in hotel rooms. No one is disturbing me, I have enough space to concentrate and at least I can quitely work on my laptop. Most important things during a stay in a hotel are at first the hotel room, the wi-fi and of course the breakfast. Personally, breakfast has the most priority for me. After a healthy & delicious breakfast I get so much energy and feel ready to start the day. The Shangri-La Burr Al Jissah Hussn Resort & Spa fulfilled all mentioned requirements. And honestly many hotels are not offering a healthy and delicious breakfast. But the Shangri-La Hotel where we stayed in for three days, offers the perfect food selection. One more important fact: they do serve Avocado and the best poached egg I ever ate. A big plus point as I’m a huge Avocado and picky poached egg kid. Furthermore they have a very traditional arabic interior design, a cozy ambiance, free wi-fi and above all the best breakfast in town. I loved the whole luxury Resort & Spa as they also have two additional Shangri-La Hotels. Muscat is definitely still an insider destination and I’m super happy that I went to the Oman. I read some comments of you guys under my Instagram pictures about the safety in the Oman, because some of you are still afraid going to Muscat. I assure you guys that it is 100% safe and peaceful in the Oman. I felt more than comfortable. Everyone respected us as tourists and were super kind and helpful. Also, the Shangri-La Hotel has a insane pool with a sea view. My personal highlight of the hotel, as I love swimming in a pool by having a great view over the ocean which calmed down, but you can also go to their private beach that is a second option in case you are a beach kid. Especially the beach sunset is definitely picture perfect. I will never forget this beautiful colors, the view and the moment. Above all the relaxing parts, you can of course go for some sight seeing. We went out by a boat tour to discover some dolphins. One of the really best experiences I’ve made so far. This special moment to see dolphins how they swim under the water was just unique. I will never ever forget this experience. We also went out to the city and explored some significant places as their extravagant Mosque, the Mutrah Souk ( a open market that is super safe, no one is bothering you and let you do your shoppings) and further buildings. I’m just super surprised by all the things I was able to make. Muscat is such a great sunny destination and holiday place. And on top, you also can discover the Green Mountains, the desert or even going snorkeling, but let me tell you a highlight, they do have a Turtle Beach where baby turtle hatch. Unfortunately it was not the turtle hatch time, but one day I will definitely see how baby turtles are on their way going to the water.

All in all, Muscat is a perfect spot which you shouldn’t miss. I will tell you more about our trip in two further articles where I will also show you two other and at the same time totally different hotels. I hope I was able to inspire you.

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Images by Sylvia & Julia Haghjoo