007 julia haghjooHello hello, you might remember my trip to Ibiza? Well, I’ve been there for Seat Ibiza to test their new designed cars. As their cars have a completely new and innovative connectivity and infotainment system as well as new engines and exterior colors, I was super honored to experience and test everything by my own while cruising through the sunny island with the new designed Seat Ibiza. It was so much fun, especially because of the good weather conditions. It couldn’t be better! The whole trip was just amazing, to be honest, Seat organized everything on point. I was able to stay at the Me Ibiza Hotel together with four blogger from Germany and of course, with the Seat team and further invited guests. I enjoyed every minute, it just started with an incredible stay at a wonderful hotel with a view, delicious food and drinks, a well-planned presentation from Seat such as from ShoeVita, the possibility connecting and meeting new and other people. All in all we had a super cool atmosphere that surrounded the whole trip with it’s own charm. I think those who follow me on Instagram and Snapchat already know what happened during those two days on the island, right? 😉 Merci to Seat for this amazing trip, it was unforgettable! 🙂

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Pictures by Tanja Trutschnig