CU0P9085The Raffles Hotel is located in Praslin, Seychelles. One of the world’s most far flung destinations located in the Indian Ocean. As soon as you arrive at the Resort you see a huge own Raffles village that features 86 Villas, some of the most spacious in the Seychelles. Each Villa offers a private pool and outdoor pavilion to enjoy breathtaking views to the Indian Ocean, the beach and the green hills. A great destination for couples who want to spend some quality time together, but also for families or friends who want to relax and experience an amazing time together. My boyfriend and I had the opportunity to test three different types of their Villas during our stay. Below you can see a variation of each Villa that we captured for you.


Type 1: Two Bedroom Garden View Villa


Type 2: One bedroom Ocean View Villa 


Type 3: One bedroom Panoramic View Villa



CU0P8439The Raffles SPA is a place for itself. It’s peaceful & a place where you can relax and enjoy yourself. Leon & I experienced a 30 minutes Massage in one of their open pavilions where you are able to listen to the indian ocean waves. I really felt like a new born baby after the treatment. You should definitely try one in case you are at the Raffles Praslin Resort.CU0P8499CU0P8449CU0P8501CU0P8519Further SPA Facilities:
– 12 treatment pavilions
– Living lounge and tea room overlooking the ocean
– Fitness studio
– Steam room, sauna, whirlpools, and experience showers
– Outdoor lounge with soaking pool
– Outdoor movement pavilion
– Beauty salon
– Spa boutiqueCU0P8475CU0P8469Food & Drinks:

The Raffles Hotel offers a great selection of different types of food and drinks that combines the best of Seychellois culture and cuisine with dishes from around the world. For example, indian, asian and creole food. But of course, the hotel offers also typical food or dishes you wish. Regarding the drinks: I think you can order everything you want, but my special highlight was definitely the fresh served Coconut.CU0P9837s22s2s2s2cwcacqwvcveActivities:

You have a lot of possibilities at the Raffles Hotel. Firstly you have your own pool at your Villa that lead you privacy and relaxation. Secondly you can spend some hours at the main pool where you can work on your tan, enjoy some drinks and have lunch. Thirdly you can chill at their private and wonderful beach where you can do some water sport activities. For example, you can borrow a stand up board to do stand up paddling.CU0P9085vsfvesCU0P8123Transport from Hamburg to the Seychelles, Mahé Airport to the Victoria Jetty Station & Praslin Jetty Station to the Raffles Resort:

Leon and I booked an Emirates flight from Hamburg to Dubai and from Dubai to the Seychelles. We arrived early in the morning in Mahé Airport, Seychelles. From there we took a taxi to get to the Victoria Jetty Station where we took a ferry that brought us to Praslin island where the Raffles Hotel is located. The cruise took one hour and cost around 35 euros per person for down and return ( book it online), but I would advise you to book a plane or a helicopter flight as it’s faster to reach Praslin, especially after a long 15 hours flight. A better idea as you will be exhausted and tired after the flights. Luckily we got an Business Class Upgrade so that we were able to sleep during our two flights from Hamburg to Dubai and from Dubai to the Seychelles. Little information: we took a taxi from Praslin Jetty Station to get to the hotel. The price was always around 350-400 Seychelles rupees and took a 30-40 minutes drive.

– Emirates Flight ( HH – Dubai ; Dubai – Seychelles )

– Mahé Airport to Victoria Jetty Station

– 1 hour ferry drive ( 35 euros per person for down and return)

– Praslin Jetty Station to Raffles Resort

– Taxi drive takes 30-40 minutes from Praslin Jetty Station to the Hotel and cost 350-400 Seychelles Rupees.


Mahé is the ‚capital‘ of all 113 island of the Seychelles and also the biggest one where you can find and get everything. It’s the main island where the Airport, Stores and hotspots are located. Unfortunately Leon and I didn’t know that before and only had two days in Mahé. Not enough time to explore Mahé…:(

Coco Island:

Unfortunately Leon and I didn’t have the time to visit Coco Island, but we heard great things about that island as it’s known for the perfect snorkeling and diving spots. Next time when we are coming back to the Seychelles we will definitely visit Coco island.

La Digue:

It just takes a 15 minutes ferry ride to get from Praslin to La Digue island. La Digue is one of further three inhabited island that are famous for it’s beautiful beaches and bicycles. The most important vehicle in La Digue is a bike. You get easily from A to B with an bike. Furthermore you can perfectly discover the island by your own as it’s super easy and breathtaking. Leon and I had so much fun driving around the island.03 la digueaqaq05 la diguela digue 02002wwwwlA DIGU04045DLKSCLWQDLEONVEWFVCQWXQWdwfdqdCurieuse Island:

Curieuse Island is known for Turtles. One of my biggest dreams came true and one point of my bucket list is done. I met a lot of huge and small turtles. That was a wonderful experience that I will never ever forget! The Raffles Hotel organized a private boat shuttle that brought us to the island as you can’t get there so easily. The island is full of nature and the only inhabitants that live there are mainly turtles and other animals. We stayed on that island 7 hours, but I think 4-5 hours are also absolute enough.09wdqwqsccwasc01020803060507fwfwedfdewcwscwResumé:

All in all, my boyfriend and I had such a great time in the Seychelles even as it was Monsoon time. Unfortunately we just stayed six days in the Seychelles, that is definitely to short as the Seychelles has a lot to offer and thousands things are able to discover. Furthermore ( for the future ) I would organize this trip a bit different. In case you wanna combine such a trip with Mauritius go firstly there and take the plane to the Seychelles afterwards! 😉 04

Images by Leon Weinhold & Julia Haghjoo