kkkn01.12.2015. When I was writing this article I was sitting on the ground at the Airport around 07.00 pm yesterday. I must admit, that I was thinking quite a lot about what I shall write at that moment. Well, and here we go. First of all, I asked myself what jewelry means to me and how important it is in my life as a Online Enthusiast. In my opinion, jewelry is something worth to invest in, especially to keep favorite pieces several years to hand on it to my children that I maybe will maybe have in the future. Furthermore jewelry means personality, individuality and impressions. No matter, what type of jewelry you are wearing on your skin, it always make you look unique. And today, I’m showing you some adorable jewelry pieces of the Piaget Possession Collection. I truly admire Piaget, especially because of their elegant and luxury designs. I’m able to express myself and feel feminine with the Piaget pieces. This whole energy and spirit definitely inspired me so much that my sister and I shot some editorial photos of the Piaget Possession jewelry. It was such a pity, that the weather was super terrible on our shooting day, but we tried our best. I mean, how amazing are those earrings ( G38PY700), the rings ( G34P1B00, G34P6A00, G34P3B00 ) and the necklace ( G33P0091 )? Each stone has been hand picked and selected for those real pieces of art, making it such a bold and extravagant statement jewelry. It’s a real honor for me working with Piaget that represent quality, luxury and the most refined products. It’s feels like a fairytale wearing and shooting some of their brilliant pieces, especially sharing it with you guys make it all even more special and exciting.

Furthermore I have the opportunity going to Los Angeles together with Piaget for the Spirit Awards that takes place next year. Means, everytime I’m posting a picture with Piaget Jewelry on Instagram, I would be more than happy, if you guys like the pictures. Thats part of the giveaway. You would support me in this occasion. Believe me, in case I’m might be the winner I will definitely create a huge Giveaway to give all your support back and make everyone of you happy. Merci! 🙂

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Images by Sylvia Haghjoo