0126. September 2016. Sylvia and I stayed at the luxury Park Hyatt Mallorca before we went to Paris Fashion Week. It was the perfect occasion to charge up our batteries before Fashion Week. The Resort is located in the north-east coast of Mallorca. Let’s better say in the idyllic hillside of Cap Vermell, Mallorca. It is a new opened and the first European Park Hyatt Resort,  just 50 minutes away from Palma de Mallorca Airport. Our first impression of the new Park Hyatt were overwhelming. It is not only a Resort, it is a whole Park Hyatt Village build up in the typical Mallorquin style with a modern touch, a local art and cultural heritage.

The Resort offers incredible 142 spacious rooms and 16 suites, four restaurants, various pools, spa and a gym area. The dining experience is worth to try. Hotel guest can taste traditional cuisine in the Balearic Restaurant, authentic spanish tapas at the Tapas Bar, asiatic cuisine, delicious breakfast or lunch at Bistro Café Sa Plaça. By the way, the breakfast was right on point. I loved how everything was well-prepared and lovely served. However, all restaurant are well-located in the Park Hyatt Village and offer a unforgettable atmosphere. Sylvia and I loved the Tapas Bar for dinner as our chosen meal portions were not to big and tasted super delicious. My advise to you: reserve a table before sunset. The view is amazing, you will not regret it!

Furthermore I need to advise you that you should rent a car during your whole stay in Mallorca, otherwise it is quite impossible to reach the hotel. You should keep in mind that you need some time to get to the Park Hyatt Resort as I mentioned it before. In addition: don’t forget that Mallorca has incredible places to visit. Therefore you need a car to drive around the island to discover the breathtaking areas. Valldemossa, Artà, Sóller, Deià, Fornalutx and Ses Salines are my favorite places on the island.

In my opinion, the Park Hyatt Mallorca is a great luxury Resort where you can calm down and relax. In case you need some action, visit the breathtaking places on the island. Believe me, there is enough to explore!

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Images by Sylvia & Julia Haghjoo