haghjoo julia 005So here we go: paris fashion week this year was a full success involved with a lot of work, fun and pleasure! My sister, Sylvia and I stayed the whole fashion week in Paris and finished fashion month together. This year Sylvia and I will attend to every Fashion Week this summer. Means, we will do Berlin, New York, London, Milano and Paris. That will be a lot of work, stress, adventures and great moments, but we both love our job so much that we cannot wait until everything will happen again. Paris was so much fun, I already miss our time which we had there. Actually I have to split everything in several posts, so that I’m telling you in each new article a bit more about our stay in Paris and of course, about Paris Fashion Week! My sister shot this outfit of me before a show. Really quick before our cab picked us up, but thank god that the weather was so good in France. The quality of the photos are always better with sun, right? I hope you guys like this kind of combination. This time I tried some colors out, most of you know that I prefer black, grey and white, but I also like to change sometimes.

haghjoo julia 008

haghjoo julia 002

haghjoo julia 003

haghjoo julia 001

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Wearing Tim Labenda ( Coat), Throusers ( Dimitri), Bag ( Nancy Gonzales), Shoes ( Sarenza)