It’s slightly depressing that most of us are always on the run. Being available 24/7 has become the modern mantra, but what about the special me- time- moments?! I have tried to focus more on quality, yes, on time that I spend offline. I can tell you, it´s worth trying out, if you feel stressed out!Read More


  You might remember that I’ve been in Paris for Fashion Week. Therefore I have come up with quite a gem I want to talk to you about: the company Delvaux and in particular the Le Mutin Mini Bag. This bag is small, somewhat cute, and ever so practical, so I really cant´t stop talking about it.Read More


I was able to experience the Audi SQ7 for two weeks. It is definitely the most powerful Diesel-SUV on the market. That was my part and it turned out to be more exceptional than I thought. It was an unforgettable Road Trip from Hamburg directly to Paris, than to London and afterwards back to Hamburg. AnRead More