046The journey was a long one – my longest so far. I remember when Leon and I entered the airplane in Hamburg where the weather was grey and cold. Only in the morning one day later the plane touches down in the sunny and warm Seychelles. Our stay there was memorable and unforgettable, but also our second flight from the Seychelles straight to Mauritius was surprising. Why? We had such good weather conditions in the Seychelles so that I did not expect that it would be different in Mauritius. The weather was terrible in Mauritius during the first days. It was grey, rainy and stormy. I was quite shocked when Leon and I arrived on the island, BUT thank god that we spent over one week in Mauritius so that the sun came out after a few days.

However, you might remember that we stayed in three different types of hotels during our stay in Mauritius ( you can find the last articles in the Category ‚Wanderlust‘). The last hotel where we stayed in was the One & Only – Le Saint Géran. 

A very traditional hotel that is located on a private peninsula near Belle Mare, at the Northeast coast of the island. My favorite highlight: the sandy white beaches surrounded by green colored palms. My boyfriend and I loved strolling around the area as the One & Only Saint Géran offers more than 700qm. Enough space for relaxation and action. The hotel offers everything you might like on your holiday: water sport activities ( I can totally recommend to do the Glas Buttom Boat Trip ), comprehending beauty of the landscape where you can hang out in a hammock, gourmet meals, a own golf course, a tennis center, a gym, leisure rooms including an swimming pool in the heart of the hotel such as at the SPA.

Furthermore Leon and I enjoyed a 90 minutes SPA Treatment at their outdoor Pavillon, a very great experience that I will not forget so far! We felt like new born baby’s after the massage. On top, I tried a Pedicure treatment combined with a foot massage afterwards for the very first time and I must admit, that is was definitely the best experience I’ve ever made! My feet look much better than before. You should try it in case you should stay or will stay at the Hotel.

Last but not least the One & Only Saint Géran surprised my boyfriend and me with a Candle Light Dinner on our very last day at the hotel. Both, Leon and I never did something like that before. I was speechless and thankful for this memorable gift.

All in all, I loved staying at the One & Only Hotel as everything was just unique! I think the Service at the hotel is the best as they are very attentive and courteous. The whole Le Saint Géran Team tried making our stay memorable and the hotel successfully managed it!



Images by Leon Weinhold & Julia Haghjoo 

Special thanks to the One & Only – Le Saint Géran.