This year was an intense year. Filled with up and downs, full of experiences and memories. Both, sylvia and I really needed to relax to be able to finish this year. Deep breaths, we are almost there.

I don’t know, if you remember, but my boyfriend and I stayed at the wonderful One & Only Le Saint Géran in Mauritius last year. This time Sylvia and I headed to Mauritius to experience the renovated Resort. It was an incredible feeling going to a sunny destination in the end of this year. I was craving for vitamin D and that was definitely the best occasion to escape from cold Germany.

I remember when the sun came out ( we had a non-stop overnight flight from Munich to Mauritius ). The plane touched down in sunny, warm and green Mauritius. The view from the plane was absolutely breathtaking. All the nature, the blue sky, the sun. Well, do I need more?! I think you can answer this question by your own.

Once we arrived at the Resort ( I need to mention that someone from the resort picked us up from the International Airport. It took us around 45-minutes to get to the hotel by car. The One & Only offers also a 15-minutes Helicopter Transfer to their helipad for a wonderful scenic arrival ) the lovely One & Only Le Saint Géran Team welcomed us in a very warm-hearted way. I love when the hotel stuff is taking care on little details and try to make your stay as best as they can.

For you as a note: the One & Only Le Saint Géran is a very traditional resort that is located on a private peninsula near Belle Mare, at the Northeast coast of the island. It was completely renovated during this year. To see all the changes was a great experiences for me as I already stayed at the resort last year. My favorite highlight: the sandy white beaches surrounded by green colored palms. Sylvia and I loved strolling around the area as the One & Only Saint Géran offers more than 700qm. Enough space for relaxation and action. The resort offers everything you might like on your holiday: water sport activities ( I can totally recommend to do book a sunset boat tour organized by One & Only ), comprehending beauty of the landscape where you can hang out in a hammock, gourmet meals ( the restaurant called Tapasake is my favorite one ), a tennis center, a huge selection of gym activities, leisure rooms including swimming pool areas and a beautiful SPA. You also have the possibility to rent their helicopter to pick you up from the Airport ( as I mentioned above ) or to experience the underwater waterfall. I really recommend you to book a 45 minutes flight over one of the most beautiful places on earth. It costs around 700-800 euros, but it’s totally worth it!

Further activities that I would recommend you during a stay in Mauritius:

  • rent a car, if you want to explore the island
  • Mauritius waterfalls ( you will see cute monkeys on the road )
  • bike tour through the island
  • a snorkel or sunset boat tour with the Lady Elizabeth. The boat belongs to the resort ( note: the boat was built in the 50’s to serve a tender of the Queen in England )
  • visit the seven colored earths
  • walking with lions
  • See Dolphins
  • Tandem Skydiving
  • a candle light dinner organized by the One & Only Resort Team ( just ask at the reception or at the concierge )
  • etc.

Sylvia and I experienced a few activities, but the full-body treatment at the One & Only Le Saint Géran SPA was one of my favorite highlights. We felt like new born baby’s after the massage. I don’t need a lot during holidays. Working on a tan, getting some vitamin D, reading a book, doing some activities and eat good food make me happy.

All in all, I loved staying at the One & Only resort as everything was just unique! It is a great place for singles, friends, couples and families. In case you should book a stay at the Le Saint Géran you should probably book the Beach Front Junior Suites, Beach Front Balcony Junior Suite or the Ocean Suite. These are my favorite ones. I am sure you will love the resort as much as I do!

Pictures by Julia Haghjoo