juliahaghjoo-london-londoneye-01My sister and I visited London a few weeks ago. I think we’ve planned this trip months ago so that we were super excited to see this beautiful City again. London is always worth a journey. During our time in the United Kingdom we stayed at the One Aldwych Hotel in order to have enough time to explore and go shopping.

After arriving at the One Aldwych Hotel, we put down our bags and rushed into lively London. The hotel is situated very central, so we could easily walk our way to do sightseeing. The surroundings of the hotel look like London straight out of a picture book – a great place to take photos. It took us just until dusk when we realized how hungry we were. Luckily we had a dinner reservation at the Eneko located right at the One Aldwych Hotel itself. They put a lot of effort in the artistic presentation of the mouth-watering meals. Good we knew where to go for the next two evenings so we could focus on our next big task: Christmas shopping!

The day after we enjoyed a delicious breakfast in our room. Trust me, room service is great in case you wanna have some private time. After my sister and I went out to explore London once again. We walked by foot all the time. Time flew by quickly and we took the shopping bags back to our hotel and sat down for an extended coffee break in the hotel lobby. The staff was very attentive and eager to answer our questions on how we could spent the rest of our second day. Do we need to mention that you should not miss the view on the Tower Bridge at night?

The next afternoon we met friends from London. It was a wonderful journey and I’m still dreaming of our three amazing days in this stunning city. The One Aldwych Hotel offered excellent meals, were super kind and do have a very helpful staff and outstanding service which made our day. It’s a beautiful place to stay for a short trip. We felt very welcome there.

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