001 LODENFREY JH NGood afternoon from Munich, as I’m here for one day for the Oktoberfest together with Thomas Sabo I also had the chance stopping by at Lodenfrey. As you might know the popular german Oktoberfest that takes place every year in Munich, it is a must having or wearing a dirndl. To be honest, I’ve never been at the Oktoberfest so far, that’s why it’s my first time after 22 years, ups. But as my sister and I had the great opportunity trying out some adorable dirndl from Lodenfrey, I definitely know that some quality, elegant and beautiful dirndl are so much better than the short and cheaper versions. Well, what I need to tell you. In case you are going to the Oktoberfest once, you should rather invest into a more quality dirndl that fits perfectly into the traditional festival. I’m sure that I wore the right dirndl for that occasion, I hope you guys like it too. Below you can find the same dirndl to shop.

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