haghjoo julia maserati 009Happy sunday everyone, hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed it to the fullest? Well, I worked on several articles for you guys to feed you with new pictures and stories next week. Taaadaaa and here we go: as some of you might noticed I’ve been on Sylt with my sister Sylvia in cooperation with Maserati. We got our own Maserati #Quattroporte car for one week ( wish I could have it for ever, have to work a bit more 😉 ) , that was definitely one of the best projects so far, especially because I’m totally addicted into fast, luxury and quality cars. I already worked several times with Maserati  and experienced some great moments, for example, in Sicily for their international test drive or in Monaco for the drive and sail event. It’s always a pleasure working with them. Testing such a big, long and expensive limousine was a real honor and challenge, but practicing makes everyone better, right? After just one day I got the right feeling for the Quattroporte and was able to drive the limousine. It was so much fun having and driving the Maserati car. Believe me, everyone was starring at the car, took photos of it and even need to touch it, haha. That was fun! However, the Quattroporte is very expensive, but it’s worth to invest. Personally, I put it to me as a target to get my own Maserati car in the future. I must admit in comparison with other car brands is Maserati still exclusive and unique. Don’t know, if you guys share this opinion with me, but I just experienced it by myself. Check it on the streets. I have so much more to tell you, but I’ll publish another article about my adventure on Sylt together with Maserati, stay updated! Wish you all a wonderful sunday afternoon. See you tomorrow morning with a new contribution on my blog.

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