dmfksssEt voilà: I finally moved into my first own Apartment a few months ago. I always dreamed living in an old flat in an old building. Luckily I just got my Apartment from the sister of my boyfriend and couldn’t be happier living in my favorite district in Hamburg. I must admit that it takes time to find the right furniture, decoration and line as I really want to create a modern, but at the same time cozy atmosphere in my own flat. It isn’t easy to decide between a huge selection of several colors, structures and themes, but I know that I love the Scandinavian Design. That is why I try to combine the modern such as the old part and create something that fits to my style. Of course Pinterest or different Interior Blogs help me going through this mess, but I think it will slowly growing and I’m sure that I will be finish with my own little home by the end of this year. For now I put all my heart into my Living Room as it’s the main and my favorite part of my Apartment.

Therefore I’m showing you my dining area that is located in my Living Room. Unfortunately that part is not done yet as I know that I will change a few things like buying one more Vitra DAW Chair to exchange it with one Thonet Chair that I will put very soon into my Kitchen. Well, as you can see it in the pictures( and I also mentioned it ) I decided to go for black Chairs that I found via I felt in love with the original Thonet and Vitra DAW Chairs as they are timeless, chic and classy. The Online Shop is the perfect Interior Shopping Spot for Original Designs where you can find a great selection of several brands. I was strolling a few hours at their Shop as I found so many pieces that I wanted to have, but the more I am happy that I got these four Chairs that look adorable!

Furthermore I tried to create a cozy atmosphere with the colors green, copper, black and white. Especially the Marble Plates, the Pendant lamps and the grey colored fleece round up the dining area and makes it just perfect. I really curious what you’re think about it and would love reading your comments in my Instagram picture that I just uploaded a few minutes ago (@juliahaghjoo). 


interior 01swwswinterior 013interior 08The Vitra DAW Chair in black. Get it here!interior 104swdwxThe Thonet S43 Classic in black. Get it here!

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Images by Leon Weinhold & Julia Haghjoo