home-living-interior-homestory-homestoryblogger-065Hello from Hamburg. A little update: I just came back home from Paris yesterday night and will head to London tomorrow. You might remember that I just moved into my first own Apartment a few months ago or let’s better say in April 2016. I always dreamed about living in an old flat in an old building. I’m even more satisfied about my district. I wished to life in Eppendorf since I am sixteen. Et voilà, a dream came true! Actually it takes long time to set up it’s own four walls. To be honest, I’m still not done yet and could re-furniture my apartment all the time as it makes so much fun, but for now I feel home and couldn’t be happier to stay a couple of days in Hamburg from time to time, especially as I am traveling very often. Luckily it’s my happy place when I come back to my hometown and love having some quality time with my beloved ones. Regarding my furnishing: it’s all about Scandinavian chic. That is all I wanna talk about. A bright living room with a large and cozy couch, fell and subtle decoration accessories. I love that interior direction: it’s timeless and soothing. It embraces the modern twist together with a warm atmosphere. Trust me, it was not easy to decide between a huge selection of several colors, structures and themes. Platforms like Pinterest or other interior blogs helped me going through this mess, but also incredible interior online shops gave me a huge inspiration. That is why I linked each product below each picture so that you are able to re-shop the pieces. Unfortunately my bedroom is still a total mess, that is why I’m not showing you this area. I will try to finish this room next year and will definitely show you that part of my #Number93Maison as soon as it is ready.


Grey colored hand-kitted Merino Wool blanket via Sallier Wohnen ( Straßenbahnring 3, Hamburg )

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Marble Tabulas Tray in green & white

aaaaoncrete number93 julia haghjoo

Oncrete. A new brand to watch! My boyfriend just launched his own label. The website is online since a few days. Believe me, oncrete is doing such wonderful arty interior products. You better check their website. 😉 

03 kitchen

Wanderlust Photo via More Than Harmony Collection –  Chairs via Smow ( Thonet ; Vitra DAW ) and Westwing (Wire via HKLiving )


Hermès Porcelain

living room 01

I was looking for such a long time for the right couch table. OX Denmarq products have an incredible selection of arty pieces. The O Table made of white marble is my favorite one so far.

OX Denmarq O Marble Table 

home-living-interior-homestory-homestoryblogger-05604 living room

Grey colored Wool blanket via Westwing 


My happy place: the living room. I love spending time in this area while reading a book, watching Netflix or work on my laptop to create new articles for you. To be honest, I can’t wait for the Christmas holidays as I will be in Hamburg.

04Datei_000 (2) Kopie00022

Fragrances & Candles 


Couch & Carpet via Impressionen 


Poufs are no longer what they were. The modern and simple forms are highly fashionable. One of the hottest materials: velvet. I spotted the first beautiful pouf at my sisters apartment a few months ago. A rosé-colored velvet pouf from Normann Copenhagen. Therefore I searched for the same velvet pouf and found this beautiful grey colored small pouf.

Velvet Pouf in grey via Westwing



Datei_000 (1) Kopie

Zuiver Marble Wall Clock via Westwing


Black colored Wire Chairs by HKLIVING via Westing & Sheepskin Chair Decoration via Impressionen 


Oncrete Table made of concrete. This table has it’s own Story. As I mentioned it before, my boyfriend launched his own interior label, I remember when I asked him to create my own table made of concrete. It took some time, but et voilà: the result is just insane!

01 kitchen

Rosendahl Grand Cru Knifes ( left ; right ) & Mill Set by Menu via Westwing


Nature & Interior? YES, this theme is getting more and more popular since a couple of months. Actually, living with plants is a must, but as I’m traveling very often my orchid already died. That is why I put my focus on cactus, whether in form of real or unreal ones. The ‚Megan‘ vases from Westwing are a great decoration and last forever.

Vase Megan  & Vase  Megan via Westwing

home-living-interior-homestory-homestoryblogger-01302 kitchen311

1. Marble Cutting Boards via Bolia ( Large / small ) ; 2. Wood Cutting Boards ( bought them in Rhodes ) ;  3. Marble Square Grey via Bolia


Rosendahl Storage Glass


Rosendahl Grand Cru Teapot & Cutlery via Impressionen