03 JHGood Morning from Majorca. You know that I moved into my first and own apartment a few months ago, right? As I promised you guys to show you my new #number93maison ( it is not done yet ) I have to split my contributions and themes. Today I wanted to show you my new Nespresso ‚Pixie Clips‘ machine and also want to inform you guys about my favorite morning routines. First, I’m a huge coffee lover! The first thing in the morning is, of course, making my favorite Latte Macchiato with Soya or Rice ( unsweetened ) Milk that I’m doing with my new Aeroccino3 that I own in black. The good thing about that device is that you have the option to make hot or cold milk, but I prefer the colder version with some ice cubes as I adore Iced Coffee. However, I love using Nespresso because of their outstanding quality and delicious flavor. I started using the ‚Volluto‘ capsules that has a sweet and light fruity flavor. You get 10 capsules at Neuer Wall 10 for 3,90 euros in case you are based in Hamburg. As soon as I prepared my morning coffee I mostly start having breakfast with my boyfriend before working on my laptop to check and answer mails, receive packages and plan upcoming projects. xx Julia 

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Images by Julia Haghjoo