IMG_7153Mykonos is one of the most popular islands in Greece. The island is known for it’s cosmopolitan atmosphere, the exciting nightlife, the breathtaking Cycladic architecture and the magnificent beaches. Sylvia and I stayed for 5 days in Mykonos and had an unforgettable time on the greek island. I created a little Mykonos Travel Guide for you with all important facts and information about the island.


Mykonos Town:

Mykonos is a different compared to the other Greek destinations like Santorini, Rhodes, Crete and Athens where my sister and I also had been in this year. Santorini is quite similar compared to Mykonos with it’s white colored buildings and adorable views, but Mykonos is more relaxed and easier to walk around since it is not built on a big mountain like the famous place called Oìa, Santorini. We loved strolling around Mykonos Town as it has a lovely atmosphere, great restaurants, shops where you can get postcards, clothes or other souvenirs.


Mykonos Windmills: 

The most recognized landmarks of Mykonos are their windmills. The windmills are located southwest of Mykonos Town – Hora, next to the sea, between scenic Alefkadra and the quarter of Niohori. The Mykonos Windmills impress and looks magnificence with their white color.


Little Venice:

This place is just magical. Little Venice is known of it’s buildings that have been constructed right on the sea’s edge with their balconies overhanging the water. You will find several restaurants and bars near Little Venice where you have the best view over the sea. My highlight was definitely the sunset at Little Venice. My sister and I sat in a random restaurant and ordered two glasses of rosé to enjoy the sunset. You should definitely do the same in case you are going to Mykonos.


Luxurious Hotels: 

My sister and I decided to stay in two hotels during our 5 days in Mykonos to get two different perspectives of the island as both hotels weren’t based at the same. The first hotel where we stayed for two nights is called the Bill & Coo Suites Hotel, here. The second one is called the Cavo Tagoo Mykonos, here. Both hotels are unique and completely different from each other. Read the two hotel reviews and you will know what I am talking about.


Beach Club: 

The Scorpios Beach Club is known for it’s unique party lifestyle. It’s a new restaurant / beach club in Paraga named after Onassis’s island with Bedouin-style decor, an organic menu and swaying palm fronds. A little information: book a table in case you wanna go to the Scorpios. This place is well-known and famous for it’s funny day and nights.


Food & Drinks:

You better try their food! I already went to Crete on a press trip a few months ago. The cretan people informed me about the greek food and the tasting dishes. I also had the opportunity to attend a cooking class. That was definitely the best experience I’ve made during my stay in Crete. My advise to you: try to ignore the calories and eat the delicious and typical greek food. Do some sports afterwards at the gym to get a better feeling after all the food.



Sylvia and I booked our tickets Online via Aegean Airlines from Hamburg to Athens and than straight to Mykonos. I always had positive experiences with this Airline so that I can definitely recommend it to all of you. Furthermore we organized two Ferry tickets to get from Mykonos to Santorini. Therefore we booked the tickets Online via . The tickets costs around 65 euros per person and takes 2 hours to get to Santorini. I have to admit that I hate ferries, but SeaJets2 was quite okay. Furthermore it’s the best solution to reach Santorini from Mykonos island. However, as soon as you arrive Santorini Ferry Station you will see some transfer agencies who try to sell you the best offer. My advise to you: book or organize a transfer before you reach Santorini Ferry Station, it’s easier and better to escape from the Ferry Station chaos!