UGGI remember how lucky I was when I was buying my first pair of UGG Boots ca. eight years ago in New York City. Yes, that was a great feeling and I remember that moment until now. I still have my classic short Ugg’s at home, but for sure I got some new ones and wear them during cold days. The classic short UGG’s in Camel from UGG  are my current favorites. I love wearing them all day. No matter, if I’m on the go for a quick coffee break, lunch break, meet up with friends or even at home. Those classy boots will be always a trend piece, it’s an investment item that will hold several years! 🙂

julia haghjoo 004 ugg 1000Kopiejulia haghjoo 002 ugg 1000julia haghjoo 003 ugg 1000

Images by Leon Weinhold