ibiza 038The last couple of months were just wonderful and unforgetable. I starting traveling more and more this year together with my sister, Sylvia. Sometimes we are going on a journey with friends, sometimes I want spending quality time with my boyfriend as I love exploring the world together with him and of course, enjoying working abroad with brands on different projects and jobs. I’m super thankful to have this opportunity to learn and see different things, but also to get in touch with new and foreign people is a great privilege.

I think as a human being you should always keep on going. No matter what you are doing, right? Be open minded, try new things out, fall down and get up again. Life is unexpectedly, challenging and exciting. Make the best of your life and try to do things that make you happy. In my opinion, we all are great personalities as soon as we are lucky, satisfied and proud of things that we sooner or later accomplish. Never forget taking care of your body and soul, therefore a short or longer escape to a sunny destination is always a great option to take a time off, to relax and charge up your batteries to get new energy.

I’m writing all this to inspire and remind you how amazing our world is. You probably remember that I’ve been in Ibiza last week. I had the great chance staying in the modern and luxury Me Ibiza Hotel that is located in Santa Eulalia, the third largest town on the island of Ibiza. Famous for its reputation as an entertainment and cultural centre. The Me Ibiza is located right alongside the beach, set in a wonderful nature, delicious restaurants and the Nikki Beach. My favorite highlight was their rooftop pool where you get a wonderful view over the sea and Ibiza’s landscape. A picture perfect view that you will always remember and can perfectly share on your social accounts. A little tip: in case you are around, please go there for lunch and order their vegetarian pizza and burrata. That was super delicious!

Personally, I would always try to stay at the Me Ibiza during the low season instead the high season as it’s more empty and silent during that time, but everyone is different and has different needs. So it’s up to you what season you prefer and of course, in what period you can arrange your holidays. Furthermore you can better relax and work on your tan when no one or just a few people are around you.

All in all, I loved staying at the Me Ibiza and cannot wait to come back as I would love to explore more on the island. I think it’s always a great reason booking a vacation on the island. By the way, please don’t forget to visit Formentera for one day. It’s just breath-taking there. It awaits you crystal blue water, a wonderful beach and incredible nature. My advise to you: rent a bike and explore Formentera by your own.

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Images by Sylvia & Julia Haghjoo