julia haghjoo 002Good morning everyone, since I came back from Munich I will (might) stay in Hamburg till the end of this month. To be honest, I’m quite happy not packing my luggages for a next trip yet as several upcoming planned sunny destinations are waiting for me in the next two months. Oh yes, April is going to be awesome. Kind of a few projects, trips and things will happen, but I’ll tell you more as soon as the next month will start. However, the next upcoming two weeks will be exciting for me, especially because I will move into my first own apartment! Aw, I cannot wait moving into my flat, decorating everything and feeling the spirit of responsibility. I’m quite scared, but thank god I have my beloved ones around me who support and help me bringing my stuff from A to B. The only negative thing, I need to clean up, do some garment selections, as I have way too much clothes…don’t like this part! I will definitely take you with me on this special journey and will show you my home as soon as everything is done. 🙂

julia haghjoo 001julia haghjoo 003julia haghjoo 004

Images by Leon Weinhold