Hello everyone, as some of you already noticed on Instagram my sister Sylvia and I teamed up with MAC Cosmetics a few days ago. Therefore we had the opportunity enjoying a whole day at one of their beauty stores in Hamburg. We’ve chosen the one in Eppendorf near the U- Station, Klosterstern. First of all I have to admit that I feel really honored having the chance working with such a well-known beauty brand. I truly love their products and quality, especially their red lipstick is just to recommend. The quality and color is adorable, because the color lasts the whole day, even after eating and drinking the shades are still there. However, let’s come back to Sylvia’s and my experiences at M.A.C’s Beauty store. Well, first of all we were able to create a 15x eyeshadow and 6x blush palettes for ourself. The gorgeous and most talented Make-Up artist called Rozemarijn Elisah Schoch ( the best make up artist I’ve ever met, especially because of her wonderful personality and of course, because of her incredible skills about beauty treatments. You should definitely go to her in case you need a new make up) has helped us by choosing the perfect colors and applied us a natural make up on our faces. I was really satisfied about the result. I felt so comfortable and happy ab Furthermore I’ve learned new information about beauty products that I haven’t knew before. I love learning new things every new day, it is a great process which we have in our lives.

I also need to tell you what kind of products we have used for my natural make up, you can find the list in the end of this article, enjoy!


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1. Mineralize Charged Water
2. Natural Radiance Yellow
3. Fixt Spray

1. Face & Body Foundation C3
2. Mineralize Concealer N20
3. Mineralize Skin Finish Powder Medium Plus

1. Peachykeen Blush

1. Pro Longwear Paint Pot in black

1. In Extreme Dimension Lash

1. Amorous Lipstick

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