Louis Vuitton JH 009

It’s like a little dream came true: I’ll take you now six years back when I was turning sixteen. I always had a big crush on high quality and luxury bags, especially on a specific one from Louis Vuitton. I still remember that I often annoyed my parents about my biggest birthday wishes, one of them had been, of course, getting my own and first Louis Vuitton bag. It was everything for me getting a bag from LV and thank god my wish came true! On the 23.04., I just opened the wrapping paper ( my family just sat next to me , said nothing and was waiting of my reaction).  I smiled like a baby and can’t even describe the feelings that I had in this moment. I’ve just seen the brown colored box, which stood in front of me with the inscripton: Louis Vuitton. At that moment I realized that it was my birthday and my wish came true! I’m still so thankful to my parents. I mean, it’s not obvious getting such a bag. Nowadays I work for everything I want and do not ask my parents anymore, of course, I am old enough to work for things I want to have, right? However, I just wanted to start with this little story, especially because I had the opportunity getting a inside at the Louis Vuitton Re-See in Paris during Fashion Week. It was such an honor seeing the new collection of Nicolas Ghesquière. Even though I haven’t seen the show, I must admit that the re-see was definitely a better chance to get a closer look at the items. Moreover I was totally amazed by the garments, which were presented at that day. So many incredible and beautiful pieces that I wanted to share with you guys. I tried to focus on details and  colors. It was just unique and a great experience!

Louis Vuitton JH 0010

Louis Vuitton JH 005

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