Hello from Hamburg. I just arrived a few hours ago from Paris Fashion Week. However, you might remember that I’ve been in London also for Fashion Week. During my stay in London I had the pleasure to test and work with the Lenovo Yoga Book so that I could prepare my photos, take notes, draw paintings and sketches. I felt really comfortable working with it thanks to its slick design (it’s super slim but I’ll go into detail in the following part) and of course because I was able to be as creative as I wanted to be while having it all digitalized instantly.

In the following text, I will elaborate what I like about the device so much.

But first of all what exactly is the Lenovo Yoga Book?

The device is an awesome 2-in-1 tablet which allows you to take notes or create sketches using either a digital stylus or stylus with a real ink nib and see them instantly digitised on the screen. I loved the fact you can immediately open up your photographs, then adapt and annotate them using a stylus. I took some photographs at the Joseph’s show that took place during #LFW, then used programs like Autodesk, Sketchbook, and Artrage to edit the images, integrate some lines and play with the colours. It’s a huge plus that the digitalization of the Lenovo Yoga Book is simultaneous without losing the feeling that you are doing it manually.

I have to say that I got used to it really quickly. The true-colour display is also very enjoyable to work on and really helped me to get used to it. It is so easy to handle and working on it. It was also amazing being able to be that creative while also being able to carry it all around with me (it does only weigh 690 g and it measures 256.6 x 9.6 x 170.8 mm – so it has a 10.1″ display). It also has a 360o hinge, meaning it can be used in four different modes – Browse Mode, Create Mode, Type Mode and Watch Mode.

Another thing I really appreciate about the Lenovo Yoga Book is being able to use a real pen stylus – so it just doesn’t feel as if it is authentic writing and drawing – it is real.

So to sum it all up I can say I had a lot of fun using the Lenovo Yoga Book in a professional and also in a private way. I will definitely continue using the tablet in both ways – to work on it and private – to keep creating great images and sketches. I would totally recommend the Lenovo Yoga Book to anybody who has the same aspirations on a tablet as I have.

This post was in collaboration with Lenovo, who are offering a 20% discount on the Yoga Book to all readers, here.