017 julia haghjooThe last couple of months were unforgettable, memorable, sometimes kind of hectic and stressful. My sister and I started to travel more and more and were able to visit several sunny destinations. This time I went to the Seychelles and Mauritius together with my boyfriend two weeks ago. Most of the time we created content, but I also believe that it’s important to take a moment for yourself at the end of a busy day to unwind and relax, but I’m only human and sometimes I forget to do this or I just can’t justify the time. However, when I do finally have a moment for myself, there are a few ways that I like to spend the time. One of my favorite ways to reach this sense of calm is to lie in the sun. There is nothing better than getting some vitamin D, hearing the sound of the water and being surrounded by nature. I have to admit, that there is one aspect that I often forget. Sun Protection!019 julia haghjooI already had tons of conversations with friends about this theme and we all agree that it’s important to take care of our skin. Most of the people are not aware that sun rays make our skin older. You know that UVA rays (accelerate skin ageing and disrupt proper cell balance) + UVB rays (cause sunburn) make your skin age faster, right? But you might not know that besides UVs, also Infrared rays and Visible Light have harmful effects on the skin. To be honest, I often forget to use sunscreen. I think the main problem is that most of the products are too greasy and oily.


017 julia haghjoo020 julia haghjooThankfully, I have discovered a brand I feel very comfortable with. Lancaster has introduced the new Full Light Technology to their Sun Beauty and Sun Control product lines that targets 100% of sun rays [UVA+UVB+VISIBLE LIGHT +INFRARED]. In addition, they brought out the Lancaster Sun Timer App. Let’s talk about the Sun Timer App first as it was totally new for me and led to very positive experiences:

1. Lancaster Sun Timer App:

I just downloaded the App during my stay in the Seychelles ( it’s free of charge ). By entering my location ( Seychelles ), basic information about my skin type and the sun protection level (SPF) of the sunscreen I used. As soon as you have filled out all information the Sun Timer App calculates within 1 minute, if you need re-apply your sunscreen or should avoid the sun for a while. My boyfriend and I tried it out during our stay in the Seychelles and also in Mauritius.


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1. The App is asking you about your gender. Female or Male?

2. Enter your Age

3. Enter your Skin Type

4. Enter the SPF level of the sun protection applied

5. Start the calculation

6. Receive an alert via alarm & pop-up message

It’s super easy to use & I really can recommend it to all of you as it’s super helpful to protect your skin from the aggressive sun. Thanks to a specifically developed timer, the App monitors your sun exposure time while also considering your location and the moment of the day so that you receive an alert in case you have to get out of the sun.

2. Dry Oil Fast Tan Optimizer SPF50:

This product is perfect for skin that often burns as it has a high sun protection of SPF50 including the Full Light Technology. Furthermore, it’s a dry oil product that lets your beauty shine with it’s unique sensual texture. My boyfriend and I loved it and used the Dry Oil Fast Tan Optimizer quite often!

026 julia haghjoo012 julia haghjoo04 julia haghjoo3. Lancaster Sun Control Uniform Tan Face Cream Anti-Wrinkles & Dark Spots SPF30 – Sun Sensitive Skin:027 julia haghjooThis product is my favorite one so far as I do get some dark spots on my hands…:/. It’s a non-oily, non-sticky hydrating cream that gives the best sun protection with the Full Light Technology. I really like this sunscreen and can totally recommend it to all women who have the same problem.

09 julia haghjoo4. 365 Sun Compact SPF30:

This product gives you sun protection, a luminous glow and intensive care. As well as incorporating the brand’s new Full Light protection, it contains a specific technology for 365 days of protection against environmental damage. Last but not least, it has a silky smooth texture that provides comfort and moisture.

08 julia haghjoo5. Self Tan Beauty – In Shower Tanning Lotion:

I must admit, that I did not use this product as I already have a tan, but I know from a friend of mine that this n-shower self-tanning body lotion is the best way to get an instant tan. Use it under the shower and get a sun-kissed glow.

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Images by Leon Weinhold