It’s slightly depressing that most of us are always on the run. Being available 24/7 has become the modern mantra, but what about the special me- time- moments?! I have tried to focus more on quality, yes, on time that I spend offline. I can tell you, it´s worth trying out, if you feel stressed out!

Therefore I took this occasion to discover the new Jil Sander Softly 5-step spa ritual that embodies Jil Sander’s version of clarity, elegance and beauty. It sure helped me to relax and take a proper time out that I so urgently needed.

The Jil Sander Softly line is a well balanced 5 step programme that gives you new energy and also helps you to return to your true self. Everyday moments of luxury is what you get when you use these products on a regular base. The Jil Sander Softly line has become my personal wellness ritual that I enjoy at home. This ritual gives me comfort in times of stress and also provides me with a nice feeling of luxury.

Balance and purity are the keywords when describing the Jil Sander Softly series. And this is what you feel after using those five products. A shower foam helps you going to your peace of mind. A silk extract made from silk proteins does a fine job here. Try it out and you will see what I mean. Your spa ritual at home will also be enabled by using the supple and smooth bathing oil, also based on silk proteins. If your body still longs for more attention, grant it the luxury of the line peeling product. Once again, silk proteins play a major part in this product, so that your body feels clean and fresh soothed. It’s magical how you feel after applying the product and rinsing it off! Actually, you feel like a new born person. Afterwards you should apply the body lotion that is absorbed quickly by your skin. Silk extract is involved here too, so the whole series is built on this highly beneficiray ingredient.

The texture of all these products- that come in very smart bottles that make your bathroom look really svelte, like a true spa – is fine and soft. An immediate cocooning effect will set in. Believe me, you will get a nice feeling of pampering and softness. In addition, the soothing & relaxing scent makes you feel out of this world and you are bound to forget all those stressful moments the day has held in store. The refined & elegant design of the packages leave nothing to wish for.

Let me mention the final highlight. It is the Eau de Toilette that is as feminine as it can get. This EdT was created by Nathalie Lorson, and she did a very good job as she combining musk, jasmine, orange and vanilla.

Summing up, I have tried out all five products, and I must say, I would not like to miss any of them. My precious me moments are closely associated with the Jil Sander Softly line. I definitely can recommend this 5 step series to you if you opt for your personal cocoon.

In cooperation with Jil Sander Softly