eeOh, Ibiza. Such a beautiful island and I must admit that I’ve never been there before. Yeees, I know that is a huge disaster as I definitely missed some amazing landscape. The island is more than beautiful with it’s own charm. Oh my…yes! As soon as I arrived in Ibiza for Seat,  we were picked up from a driver who brought us to the Me Ibiza Hotel. I was more than speechless, everything was picture perfect. It was insane to capture so many great images. To be honest, I love photography that was why I had so much fun shooting some good content for my blog. Today you can see some mood photos of what happened during my short stay in Ibiza. In the next few days you can check & read my second article about my adventure. There I’ll tell you more about the Seat Ibiza Trip, stay tuned. And as I’m leaving Hamburg again I’ll go to Sankt Peter Ording together with my boyfriend to visit his family. Wish you all a wonderful sunday! 🙂

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