CU0P6958Dear readers, I’m back. A long time flew by, but I am back in Hamburg and have time to create all Berlin Fashion Week and Corfu articles. I took tons of pictures, so that I am able to feed you with new and interesting content. However, as I mentioned I’ve been in Corfu, Greece together with Biotherm for an exciting project that will soon announced. I cannot tell you more about it, but I’ll give you all information really soon. Furthermore I had a cooperation with the Grand Mediterraneo Resort & Spa Hotel, which is located in Ermones, Corfu, Greece. My boyfriend and I stayed two weeks on the beautiful island and enjoyed our time to the fullest. It been a really long time ago that I had real holidays. I mean, of course, I am travelling sometimes, but it’s always just for a few days and combined with a lot of work. This time, we also worked on the secret project and with the hotel, but I had enough time to relax and discover the island. I totally enjoyed it and already miss the time we had in Greece. Our stay at the Grand Mediterraneo Hotel was just perfect. The hotel is idyllically situated amidst cypress, pine and eucalyptus trees and right by a bay with sand / pebble beach. Well, one of the best things during my stay?! No children. I mean, kids a cute, but it was super relaxed staying at a hotel that is a haven for couples aged 16 and over. Having a room with a view, delicious meals, drinks and the direct beach were everything I needed in the last two weeks. It was picture perfect, cannot describe how adorable the place is where the hotel is located. You guys should definitely book your next summer trip at the Grand Mediterraneo, if you need a relaxed and great summer. No parties, no children, no stress. You will be surrounded in one of the best hotels I stayed in. My true opinion and advice to you!

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 Pictures by Julia Haghjoo 

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