hotel 0It’s a dream, definitely. It’s unbelievable what I am able to experience in my really young age of 22. I love traveling combined with getting to know new hotels and cities. Actually it’s my second time in Copenhagen, but this time it feels so much better. Why? I think it’s the whole atmosphere of Fashion Week, the incredible beautiful hotel in which I’m staying currently called the Hotel D‘ Angleterre, the people I meet, just everything. I couldn’t be happier about my job, the people who are around me and believe in me, such as support me. I have to admit, that it’s my first Fashion Week in Copenhagen. I love the designer and fashion in Danmark, but the weather, well no…! Maybe it will be better in Summer. We will see. Last news: tomorrow will be our last day of Fashion Week such as our last day in Copenhagen. We ( Sylvia and I ) are going to attend three shows and will do some shootings, but than is Hamburg ‚home‘ calling for a couple of days. A very special day is waiting. 🙂

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Images by Julia Haghjoo