017 julia haghjooThe Hotel Amigo Hotel in Brussels is one of my favorite hotels so far. The Hotel is based in Brussels, Belgium and is just 56 steps away from the sparkling Grand Place in the center of the city of Brussels. My boyfriend and I came by car from Hamburg to Brussels, five hours of driving. As soon as we reached our destination around 07.00 pm, it was super crowded and full on the streets. Horrible, in my opinion, but hey we just left our car in the hotel garage and discovered the city all upcoming days by foot. However, let’s come back to the main part of today’s contribution. As the hotel is really artistic, the five-star Hotel Amigo is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World. Its super modern, fresh and super comfortable. No matter in which area of the Hotel you are located, you will find something new and uninspected. The Bar, restaurant or even lobby is well-designed and just to recommend. In case you are not a hotel guest, you should come by for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but I promise you guys you will love the atmosphere at their Restaurant, if you reserve a table for dinner. I just loved it!

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Images by Julia Haghjoo