01 hermes JHLa Digue is the smallest island of the further three inhabited main islands in the Seychelles and known for it’s beautiful beaches & bicycles. Leon and I visited La Digue recently. We took the ferry to get from Praslin to La Digue and reached it within 15 minutes. From there you get easily from A to B by bike as it’s the main vehicle on the island and perfect to explore and discover the breathtaking areas.

We went directly to the most famous beach that is called ‚Anse Source d’Argent‘. Luckily there were not much people so we were able to enjoy the beach by ourselfs. Also, we took this occasion to take tons of pictures as each corner were just breathtaking to photograph.

The pictures you can see are all taken by my boyfriend who caught the perfect angles to capture my Hermés Hat as it’s best. What do you think? I really felt in love with that hat as it protect you perfectly from the sun and has a elegant and chic form. We played with shades, that is why some photos look kind of mysterious.

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Images by Leon Weinhold