The Hermès Boutique moved to the Maximilianstraße 8, Munich recently. Therefore I was invited to the Boutique Opening that took place on 16th March 2017.


Let me tell you a few words about Hermès. It is one of those brands with a long tradition, that keeps getting better throughout the years. Hermès offers a whole world on it’s own, covering just about every aspect of daily life in designer products. Hermès was founded in France somewhen in the early 1800s, concentrating on silk and leather as materials for luxury clothes, accessories and jewelry. Some of their products such as the typical handbags made of ostrich leather achieved international fame and set high standards in luxury fashion.

I was very excited to hear, they would move into a new and larger building in Munich where they had been residing for thirty years before. It is one of sixteen Hermès boutiques in Germany and now the largest. Hermès cherishes style. They do like to be recognized for their quality. So I was thrilled to find out, what their new boutique would look like.

The new Boutique & Opening Party

I arrived early in the morning in Munich on the 16th March 2017 for my two days stay. With the Boutique Opening starting in the morning, I had some time on my own to discover that beautiful city, go on a shopping spree and spend a while at one of the picturesque little street cafés at the heart of the city. Munich’s old town has a lot to offer in terms of historical buildings and friendly and open people. The new Hermès Boutique really seems to be right at the heart of the city, across the street from the Nationaltheater ,Maximilianstraße 8 is one of the most exclusive addresses and the building itself  that has a long history.

The new Boutique had been designed by the prestigious Parisian architectural studio RDAI with Denis Montel who was leading the team. He has been working with Hermès for a long time and his work is partly what makes the brand so unique. Clear, straight designs, lot of wood, wide open spaces and a unique atmosphere. It really does contain everything the Hermès world has to offer on three separately themed floors. It spans 640 square meters in total. The floors are centered around a tall spiraling staircase. The ground floor offers a wide range of ready to wear clothes, shoes, accessories for men and women, perfumes and beautiful jewelry made of leathers and enamel. The upper floor is reserved for women’s clothing and I can assure you, they offer the whole range of products you know and love. I could spend hours just wandering in that one floor and not get tired of looking at all the great things. Silk definitely dominates the pieces, but jewelry and watches also take up a lot of room. The basement contains all the lifestyle products offered by the Hermès Maison line. This includes furniture, decorations, lamps and textiles but also vividly colored accessories and other items you would definitely want in your home. Designing the interior of this new boutique, Denis Montel came up with a warm and cosy ambient that invites you to stay and spend a few hours. The colors are very down to nature and match with the Hermès product line. There’s a lot of leathery brown with orange accents and just a hint of luxurious metal decorations. The new building really matches the traditional, yet diligently modern, image of the brand.

In the afternoon Hermès celebrated the Opening of the new Boutique with a Party. I remember when I got to the event location. Sylvia and I were overwhelmed as they took the most unique location to celebrate. As soon we walked into the location, acrobats were flying through the air and creative figures moved around the room. The dancing acts and show were bedded in a Deep house ambiente and some great beats by the Hamburg collective „Meute“, who usually work with artists such as Jan Delay.
I cannot stretch enough, how much I enjoyed the opening event and the new boutique. It is simply beautiful and a total must to visit for every Hermès fan. If you are into natural colored and fine clothing, luxurious style and high-quality products, Hermès is for you. Munich is worth a city trip any time but this great new boutique just makes it even more attractive to visit.