60The Fairmont Monte- Carlo Hotel is definitely a must have seen place/ hotel that you guys should definitely visit or stay in, in case you are around. It’s a beautiful luxury hotel that is just to recommend. My sister, Sylvia and I were invited for a Press Trip with some further invited blogger. I must admit, that I truly enjoyed every single second in Monaco. But it was such a pity that we had to leave one day earlier, because of the Chanel and Louis Vuitton Press Day that took place in Munich on the 24.11.2015, but hey, I’m super thankful for the great experiences that I was able to make during our short time in Monte Carlo. However, as soon as we arrived at the Fairmont we had a bit of free time, so that we took some images for our Blogs. Furthermore we enjoyed a wonderful dinner with the team from the Fairmont and the invited blogger. What I like the most about meeting new people? The conversations! We had a great dinner with amazing and interesting themes. The next day started with a breakfast with a view, shootings and a SPA Treatment that was just more than relaxing and peaceful! All in all, I had the most funniest and gorgeous trip! Special thanks to the Fairmont Hotel! 🙂

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Images by Julia Haghjoo