Julia haghjoo 001Wenn ich das Jahr Revue passieren lasse, blicke ich auf ein spannendes und erfolgreiches Jahr zurück. Im Juni 2015 habe ich ein großes Kapitel abgeschlossen und den Weg als Vollzeit- Bloggerin eingeschlagen. Ich habe nie die Gelegenheit gehabt mich 100%ig auf meinen Blog zu konzentrieren. Immer hatten andere Dinge Prioritäten, die mir keinen Spaß gemacht haben. Jetzt, nach einem halben Jahr selbstständiger Arbeit, kann ich mit einem lächeln im Gesicht behauptet, dass ich glücklich bin! Ich mag es nicht, wenn mir jemand etwas vorschreibt. Ich habe meinen eigenen Kopf und möchte mein eigener Chef sein. Das erste halbe Jahr lasse ich jetzt erstmal aus. Natürlich habe ich tolle Projekte in dem Zeitraum realisiert, war auf den Fashion Weeks, habe tolle Orte gesehen, einzigartige Menschen kennengelernt, hatte mein ersten Beauty Dreh für Lancome, war in Gstaad zusammen mit Cadillac und bin mit einem Cadillac Wagen auf Eis gedriftet etc., allerdings möchte ich gerne intensiver auf das zweite halbe Jahr eingehen, da in dem Zeitraum viel viel mehr passiert ist.

Finally, my 2015 recap is online. If I look back, I can definitely say that I had an exciting and successful year. I finished a big chapter in the middle of this year and embarked on the road as a full-time blogger. I must admit, that I never had the opportunity focusing 100% on my work. There were always different priorities that have made no fun. Now, after a half a year working independently, I can proudly say that I’m happy. I don’t like, if someone dictates me. I have my own head and want to be my own boss. I won’t tell you a lot about my first half of the year, because it was not really special. Of course, I went to the Fashion Weeks, have seen great places, met adorable people, had my first video shoot for Lancome, spent time in Sylt with Maserati, had been in Gstaad for the Cadillac Winterdrive etc., however, but as I already mentioned my interesting part started in the middle of this year, that’s why I’m focusing on that part.


Berlin, Corfu, Hamburg

I’ve been in Berlin for Fashion Week in June. I must say, that Berlin Fashion Week is great to connect, but Berlin cannot keep up with the international Fashion Weeks. A big factor that is important to mention. The Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris are a big different story. Personally, I adore the international ones! It’s more exciting, hectic and unique.

haghjoo-julia-004sssJULY / AUGUST 

Corfu, Sylt, Hamburg

My highlight this year was definitely the Biotherm beauty campaign. That was a perfect start into my independence. The campaign was focused on the theme „time out“. Together with two other bloggers, I have been implementing different activities and reports. A beautiful notebook came out and was available at Douglas. Furthermore our ‚time off‘ Story was published in several magazines. For example, in Elle, InStyle, Grazia, emotion etc.! . A truly amazing project that I will never forget.


Sylt, Hamburg, Sankt Peter Ording

In August I have organized everything for the upcoming months with my sister, Sylvia. The Fashion Week Marathon was waiting. An unexpected and exciting event, especially since it has been my first time that I’ve gone through all four (New York, London, Milan and Paris) Fashion Weeks. The whole fashion month was really stressful, but at the same time a glorious experience that I will never forget. I’ve grown enormously during that month. I learned being resilience, ambition and being courage in different moments.006 julia haghjooSeptember 

Barcelona, Düsseldorf, New York, London, Munich, Hamburg, Milan

In September I finally packed my suitcases with too much excess baggage! First I went to Barcelona for a Job, than to Düsseldorf. In Düsseldorf  I’d been invited to host the Karl Lagerfeld Store Opening. The next day I took the plane straight to New York for Fashion Week. Juliane and Sylvia arrived a few days later. However, I must admit, that New York Fashion Week have been very interesting, but we have planned not really organized. Much has gone wrong, we often quarreled, starved and were thirsty, but we will do it better next year. You can learn from your mistakes. Fashion Weeks looks pretty easy and glamourous. But that’s not at all! Of course, you will get better over the years and get a certain routine. But in the beginning, full disaster! After a week staying in New York, I was quite happy to take the plane to London. Excess baggage, standard. I’ve never paid so much money for excess baggage.


As soon as I arrived in London, I’ve missed the Hunter Fashion Show, because of flight delay. Such a pity! In addition, I felt immediately in love with London. I was never a big fan of the city in the recent years , but my opinion has changed rapidly. The city has it’s own charm and is just unique. However, after four days of London Fashion Week, my sister and I went to Munich for one day for a job. That gave me the rest. I have become completely sick. I had no power anymore, my body gave me a obvious signal, that is why I had to decide very quickly whether I would take my plane to Milan or book spontaneously a train ticket back to Hamburg, my hometown. In the end I decided correctly and went back home. After three days, I got a job in Milan and took the plane to Italy. #workaholic

011-julia-haghjoo-1PARIS FASHION WEEK 

Last stage: Paris Fashion Week. I looking forward every year for Paris Fashion Week. I love France, especially Paris. The fashion that is shown there interests me the most. After two weeks in Paris, we went back home. A month full of hardships, stress and unexpected moments. Simultaneously, a month full of energy, experiences and unique moments. I’m looking forward to 2016. Then I’ll organize a lot of things a bit different. As a reward, I have flown together with my sister to Marrakech.


Paris, Marrakech, Ibiza, Antwerp, Brussels

Marrakech: My sister and I were super excited on our well-deserved vacation. Unfortunately, not much of relaxation and leisure has become. The airline with which we flew, has failed to 100%. The stewardess took my hand luggage during boarding, because the plane was too full. I remember that I had the feeling that I might would never see my suitcase again. As soon as we arrived in Marrakech, our luggages did not arrived with us. No one could give us information about where our luggage were stucked. Awful! After one day of waiting the luggages of my sister arrived in our hotel, but my suitcases were still lost during the whole stay. Vacation in such a wonderful country with no baggage. Without clothes. Nothing. Horrible!!!  Of course, I made the best of it, however, the airline has really screwed up my vacation. My large suitcase finally came back to Germany after a few weeks. My hand luggage suitcase is „lost“. You don’t really want to know what value was in it. It hurts me to this day. And I regret it deeply that I gave up my suitcase to this stupid stewardess. Just the idea that my luggage will be auctioned off and a random lady can appreciate my stuff, makes me angry! I will definitely never give back something again. My compensation, I have not received anything until now. I mean, 350 euros was transferred to me. That’s a bad joke, right?

Anyway, after Marrakech I’ve been in Ibiza for Seat. The whole trip was breath-taking and unforgettable. I was able to relax after the horror trip in Marrakech. After Ibiza, I spent time with my boyfriend. We went to Antwerp and Brussels to explore these two cities. It was adorable!


Berlin, Monte-Carlo, Munich, Hamburg

In November it went a little quieter. I often have been in Berlin for variety of jobs. I cannot even list how many times I’ve been in Berlin. Definitely too often! In the middle of November my sister and I been in Monte-Carlo for a Press Trip for the Fairmont Hotel. Afterwards we’ve been in Munich for the Chanel and Louis Vuitton Press Days. One more exciting job was definitely a beauty shooting for a magazine.

001 julia haghjooDECEMBER 

St. Moritz, Berlin, Hamburg, Sankt Peter Ording

In early December my sister and I were invited to St. Moritz to the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains. On top I have become a Social Media Manager for @ungerfashion @uzwei_official and @mycosycouture. A adorable job between my work on my blog. Otherwise, my sister and I worked a lot to plan a variety of projects for next year, 2016. The Christmas holidays were also just around the corner. I must admit, that it felt too good doing nothing. Just relaxing and focusing on myself. In January it will start very hectic and stormy again. But hey, that’s part of my life now. And I love it!

007 julia haghjoo


It happened so much more this year, but I forgot some moments, unfortunately. Next year I’m going to keep a journal and record everything. However, I’m grateful for all projects, jobs, events, have seen places, met people and so on. I changed dramatically this year. Definitely into a better person. Thanks to all people who was a part of this year. I cannot wait for 2016. I’m sure, that next year will be much better.

By the way. I was spending more than 50 times in a plane this year. I’m super curious how often I’ll spend my time in planes in 2016.

Today is a perfect day to reflect on and learn from the almost past year. Plan and set goals for 2016. I wish you all a great start into 2016. Celebrate perfectly and don’t drink too much. 😉

Julia Haghjoo 004003 julia haghjoo Kopie004 julia haghjoo kempinski006 julia haghjoo road tripMy partner in crime: my sister, Sylvia. She is definitely one of the best and loveliest persons on the entire planet. She is helping me whenever I need her, she supports me and loves me. I think we will create something bigger in the upcoming years. Always focusing on our dreams. Together. I love you.

julia haghjoo 009 bainsjulia-haghjoo-voga-stühle-012Moved into my first apartment together with my sister.005-jimmy-choo-New York Fashion Week julia-haghjoo-1000-bearbeitet1Cadillac Winterdrive on Ice in Gstaad.013-julia-haghjoo-lv-Louis Vuitton Re-Sees & Press Days005-julia-haghjoo-5Paris Fashion Weekhaghjoo-julia-maserati-009Maserati Sylt Tour & Monaco together with Maserati001-julia-haghjoo-chanel-press-day-Chanel Press DayJulia-Haghjoo-Piaget-006Piaget Possessionhaghjoo-julia-001Always on the go. Thank you J2Martinez for the pictures. 🙂haghjoo-julia-003Blog relaunch 2015Julia Haghjoo x Marlies Möller 003A great partnership with Marlies Möller that will continue in 2016.haghjoo-julia-1Last but not least, the biggest support that I got in 2015. My boyfriend helped me every day. He has endured me in difficult times, has caught me when I felt bad and helped me to pursue the right path. Thank you so much for being you. I love you.