You might remember that I’ve been in Paris for Fashion Week. Therefore I have come up with quite a gem I want to talk to you about: the company Delvaux and in particular the Le Mutin Mini Bag. This bag is small, somewhat cute, and ever so practical, so I really cant´t stop talking about it. This bag is sure to accompany me for a while.

In case you have not heard about Delvaux, let me drop a few words about this company: Delvaux can be regarded as the oldest company in the field of leather luxury goods. It was founded as early as 1829 in Brussels, in Belgium. A company that knows how to make bags and other items made of leather – just like my Mutin Mini Bag.

I am a real fan of striking colours sometimes, so I took an immediate liking to those two specimen of the Mutin Mini. One is a striking coral, that looks as though it has come straight from the deep sea, and the other is a Indigo that is just as outstanding. Both colours are of the „make my day“ variant.

What I like about the Le Mutin Bag is of course the size. It is one of those bags that you grab and go! Yet, despite it’s size it has a rich interior life, full of space for your mobile, the hankies, a small book, and your purse. Everything fits into the bag just perfectly.

If I had to describe the shape, I would say it is somewhat classic, so it goes with almost any style. Yet, owing to the beautiful colours, it is modern and innovative, daring, if you like. It comes with straps that you can change according to your mood. Call this bag a modern classic and you will hit the nail on the head.

If you ask me, if I can recommend this bag, I could answer with a loud and clear „yes!“ It is highly recommendable since you will hold in your hands a product – or two, if you wish – that combines good craftsmanship and a time honoured leather making tradition with a fresh and courageous style.

The Le Mutin Mini Bag is your everyday companion that you will not want to go without. You can take it to work, you can use it when roaming the city, or your can take it to the posh restaurant or the theatre. So, a true allrounder is waiting for you and a bag that comes in the most fantastic colours. I am actually quite glad that I discovered the Mutin Mini from Delvaux. Go ahead, discover your own colour and version of the bag!

In cooperation with Delvaux