Recently, I’ve been at Marlies Möller Hair Salon in Hamburg again. Since they are our official partners it’s a real pleasure working with such a well-known Hair Salon. It always feels like we are coming around to visit our little family to talk about the newest hair tips while drinking a cup of coffee and of course getting our hair done. As you guys might have seen my last two contributions ( click here & here ) I’ve shown you everything about the process, but for now I thought about showing you something different. Well, instead presenting you each step I thought a new hair styling would also interesting for you. That is why my favorite hairdresser called Mrs. Bäthje cut my hair and colored it into a darker version. After the whole re-freshement of my hair care she has made me a chignon bun hairstyle. What do you think about it? I think it’s a perfect style for every occasion, it fits perfectly to every outfit no matter if you decide going in a casual or chic way. Furthermore you can find  Marlies Möller on Instagram ( @marliesmoeller ), just head to their account and follow them if you like.


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