I would like to tell you about a trip I took to Munich last month. It was only a short stay, just two days, but the things I saw made this short trip more than worthwhile. Munich in itself is a lovely and friendly town worth visiting any time of the year, but the actual purpose of my visit was the Chanel Boutique Opening. In case you haven’t been there yet or have no recent information: the Chanel boutique has moved places and new, bigger venues are now open to clients and fashion afficinados. When I am talking about bigger venues, this is somewhat too weak: The shop is enormous!

What was so great was the chance I had to be a witness of this event all of Munich was talking about: the Chanel Boutique Opening that took place on 15.02.17. This was quite an event that brought light to the wintery scene, believe me. The address of this new temple could not have been chosen more appropriately. The new Chanel Boutique is to be found at Maximilianstraße 6, right at the heart of Munich.

So, I spent quite an exciting day at the place that you should really reserve an hour or two to explore. The Chanel Boutique Opening was like the start of a trip through Chanel country. The whole boutique covers three storeys, packed with goods, fragrances and impressions.

The whole place covers 450 sqaure meters, which turns this boutique into the biggest in the whole of Germany. So, even if you haven’t been there yet, you can look forward to a discovery of a very special kind. Get lost in the realm of Chanel, a realm of beauty and luxury.

The Chanel Boutique offers you everything that you associate with the famous name Chanel; prêt-à-porter fashion, handbags, shoes and accessories as well as jewelry and watches. Before the Chanel Boutique Opening was due, of course a whole bunch of famous people, designers and architects came to the place to see to the high standard of the new venue. The design is the brain child of New York based star architect Peter Marino. His task consisted in finding and working out a wole new interpretation of the unique quality of the building the Chanel Boutique has found a home at, combining it with the timeless quality of modernity and eleganc the name Chanel stands for.

So, even if you you haven’t seen it yet, you will get immediately the same feeling that I had when I visited the Store. The inspiration the designer and the architects used was the apartment that Mademoiselle Chanel lived in: Materials such as mellow looking, golden metal, marble, and polishd surfaces made of glass and precious varnish, form a fascinating contrast with the luxurious structure of the hand-made wall panels, the hand-woven woollen carpets and tweed that is so characteristic of Chanel. So, each room radiates an aura of intimacy and perfection.

The boutique features a most impressive staircase made of white marble, a salon offering exquisite shoes, a corner for knitted goods, three spacious dressig rooms that go with the prêt à porter- salon that is adorned with the works of art by such artists as Zarina, Shelter Serra und Heinz Mack.

You can reach the second floor only by using the lift. When you do that you will reach the private salon that is reserved for exclusive fittings. This is a room that combines antique and modern elements in the most harmonious way. Chandeliers and table lamps made of mountain crystal by Goossens, a coffee table made of polished bronze along with slates covered by a golden varnish reminiscent of the Coromandel paravents used in the 18. century round up a scenery that Mademoiselle Chanel so cherished.

As you can imagine after having visited the Chanel Boutique Opening, I felt a different person. I can´t say that I was not impressed, because I was highly impressed by this new and different Chanel Boutique in Munich which has found a truly apt home at centrally located Maximilianstraße! To sum it up, what I found is that the elegant and refined design of the new chanel Boutique absolutely hits the creativity that we are used to see from Chanel. So, whenever you come to Munich do not miss out on the Chanel Boutique, for it will offer you a shopping sensation that is unrivalled. Highy recommendable, Chanel at its best!

„On the Edge“ by ZarinaThe „Liane Chandelier“ by GoossensBy Louis XV FauteuilsThe framed Camellia artwork by Shelter SerraThe „Raindrops“ mirror by Curtis Jere A black and white ceramic sculpture called „Holes“ for the tabletop display by Daphne Corregan