julia haghjoo 002 rhodosMi casa es tu casa. There isn’t much more I adore than discovering new places. Rhodes, is one of further amazing greek islands that is a popular tourist destination, but I admittedly hadn’t done a lot of research before this press trip and couldn’t have been happier not knowing what to expect.

The first thing I noticed when a driver drove us to the hotel was the wonderful landscape and nature in Rhodes as we had a 40 minutes drive to get to the hotel called Casa Cook Rhodes, a bohemian and lifestyle hotel, that is located in Kolymbia. Of course, the hotel was the first place I have seen as soon as I arrived in Kolymbia. I was super speechless, especially because the Casa Cook Hotel is just on point. I love minimalistic and great designed hotels. Totally loved the white, green, blue and interesting pattern surrounding. The Casa Cook is the perfect boutique hotel where you can relax and charge up your batteries.

The Hotel offer different types of rooms. Personally I can recommend the Premium Room to you guys as it’s big enough for two persons, you have a big terrace, a private pool access and last but not least a own hammock! My sister and I felt very comfortable in our room. Additionally you can also spend some time at the main pool and bar in case you are bored at your private area. There you can order some delicious drinks, work on your tan and read a book. In the Afternoon the hotel start playing some music at the main pool area. A perfect occasion to have a drink and enjoy the sunset. In the end of the day you can go for dinner at their restaurant where they serve really good food. Each service employee was super kind and polite.

Furthermore you should definitely rent a car to discover the island by your own. My sister and I went to Lindos and Rhodes City. The first stop to Lindos was unforgettable. From Kolymbia to Lindos you need 30 minutes and only see breath-taking nature with tons of olive trees. You should definitely make some stops during your drive, especially because there are some points where you get an incredible view over the island. As soon as we arrived in Lindos we explored the village and recognized white buildings and different colored windows. You can perfectly stroll around the village and can get lost, thank god that I found they way out, haha. However, you are also able to shop some unique pieces at the small stores, eat some delicious ice cream and should stop by at the Rainbird Restaurant as they have a wonderful view to the crystal blue sea. If you want to spend time at the beach you should definitely be there in the morning as a lot of tourist come to Lindos around 12.00 o’clock. Anyway, in the end of the day Sylvia and I drove quickly to Rhodes City to explore it before the sunset. By the way, you are also able to barrow Casa Cook hotel bikes where you can stroll around Kolymbia.

All in all, I had great seven days in Rhodes and had so much fun meeting great people, enjoying the hotel and discovering the island. Thank you Casa Cook for this amazing press trip!

julia haghjoo 001julia haghjoo 003 rhodosCU0P0386ausblick2D9A0438Borrow a hotel bike & explore Kolymbia, Rhodes by your own.rhodos by bikelindos 03Enjoy a wonderful view over Lindos, Rhodes. It’s just 30 minutes away from the Casa Cook Hotel & perfect to reach by car. You don’t even need a Navigation to get there.view 02julia haghjoo 003julia haghjoo 13julia haghjoo 20julia haghjoo 19julia haghjoo 15julia haghjoo 14julia haghjoo 17julia haghjoo 22In case you are visiting Lindos once, you should stop by at the Rainbird Restaurant & Coffee.julia haghjoo 21julia haghjoo 11Back at the Hotel.drinks by the poolTry the non- alcoholic Mochito by the main pool. It taste so yummy!rhodos 202Floating away.julia haghjoo 004 rhodesChilling at our terrace with a private pool access.julia haghjoo 004 rhodosrhodos 09Perfect breakfast situation by the pool.foodxkxkslxäwqxjulia haghjoo 02020Love Hammocks. You can find them at the Casa Cook Hotel.2D9A94182D9A1327casa cook 03casa cook 02casa cook 05casa cook 07casa cook 04casa cook 07The main pool cook 09casa cook 08casa cook 06casa cook 12casa cook 11The Casa Cook Restaurant. casa cook 10casa cook 14casa cook 13casa cook 15The Premium Room with a big terrace, private pool access & a hammcock. By the way, the double rooms don’t have a hammcock and have a small terrace. I would always prefer the premium one in case you are plan to stay at the Casa Cook Hotel. casa cook 14casa cook 15dwdlkcdsökv ekfggdztdchoiik sqoDKPOÖWD

Images by Sylvia and Julia Haghjoo