cartier 014 julia haghjooSometimes I need to pinch myself for all incredible brands with whom I’m able to realize great projects, trips, but also to work with. It was kind of a dream getting an invitation of Cartier. Something I’ve never expected! Working with such a luxury brand, that conveys a mysterious, enchanting and magical message. It’s above all a story where each jewel means something extraordinary to the one who wears it. Making your own interpretation of a jewelry piece is definitely the spirit behind it. Sharing this unforgettable experience together with Sylvia & Juliane, who were also invited, was a highlight during my stay in the french capital, viva la Paris. Actually my favorite City in the entire world, especially because the city has such a charm, totally adore it!

We stayed two days with Cartier in Paris for their International Press Day. I must admit, that the Team planned such a great program. The first day was super easy and relaxed. We had a wonderful Dinner with some further invited influencer and a part of the Cartier Team. It was such an honor meeting and spending some lovely hours with them. On the next day we had a private Cartier Hotel Tour at the Hotel Montana, where each room had a different theme with different jewelry pieces, perfumes, bags and models who presented the luxury jewels. Afterwards we went to the Cartier Jewelry Boutique Store located at Rue de la Paix, where we got a historical speech tour involved with information of their private rooms and the Cartier history and some traditional stories. All in all, I’m super thankful for the invitation, for the lovely speeches and information I got during those two days. Merci Cartier! 003 julia haghjoocartier 005 julia haghjoocartier 011 julia haghjoocartier 004 julia haghjoocartier 006 julia haghjoocartier 010 julia haghjoocartier 013 julia haghjoocartier 016 julia haghjooCartier 002 julia haghjoocartier 008 julia haghjoocartier 018 julia haghjoocartier 017 julia haghjoocartier 007 julia haghjoocartier 019 julia haghjoocartier 023 julia haghjooCartier 001 Julia Haghjoocartier 024 julia haghjoocartier 022 julia haghjoocartier 020 julia haghjoocartier 027 julia haghjoocartier 021 julia haghjoocartier 015 julia haghjoocartier 023 julia haghjooa

Images by Julia Haghjoo