seychellen 02Heeeello everybody. I’m currently in Hamburg and try do organize myself as it’s best, but it isn’t really easy as I have to plan and shoot for @uzwei_official and ungerfashion ( I’m doing their Instagram Accounts, make sure to follow them 😉 ) and also need to finish all my blog work. And the only thing that I want is t i m e. It’s feels as time is running so fast and I have to pack my luggages just by the end of this week as my sister and I are going to Majorca next Monday. Waaaahhh…I really hope that I can arrange everything as soon as I’m leaving Germany again. Buuuuusy bee! 😀

Furthermore do you remember or read my previous ‚paradise‚ article where I talked about the most beautiful beach on the entire world? Yes, that was not the only Outfit that my boyfriend shot of me at the Four Seasons Seychelles. I think we took around three or four outfits at the beach as it was just breathtaking to capture. The dress you can see in the photos is from Avenue32. I must admit, that I totally fell in love with this dress as it’s super chic and elegant, especially the color fit just perfectly to the whole surrounding.

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Images by Leon Weinhold