049Crete, oh Crete. I love the greek islands. My sister and I already had been in Rhodes this year and totally felt in love with the island, especially with Lindos. This time both, Sylvia and I were invited for another Press Trip to the Blue Palace Resort & Spa in Crete a few days ago. Our group existed of three further inspirational and very charming women, and also of two women who work at the Marketing and Sales Department at the Blue Palace, who did this trip with us. Before I’m telling you everything about the Hotel and the island, I really need to admit, that I never did such a wonderful Press Trip before. Firstly, it was such a great atmosphere in the group as it was not too big, secondly each person who was a part was super inspiring and lovely and thirdly this Press Trip was well organized without having a stressful and  exhausting feeling. These kind of adventures are very valuable for me as they enrich and let someone grow in their mind. I’m so grateful that I was able to be a little part of this trip. Thank you so much!

I remember when we all arrived at the Blue Palace Resort & Spa Hotel that is located in Elounda, Crete. It is kind of a bohemian luxe resort with emblematic sea views, crystal clear waters, sparkling infinity pools, worlds class cuisine ( 100% true ) and bespoke service. All this combined with the Resort’s beach experience create a unique setting, where time seems to stand still.

When Sylvia and I turned our room keys and stepped into our room. All thoughts were gone. Because what I spot here exceeds everything I could have imagined. The sparkling infinity pool in front of us with a incredible sea view over Spinalonga ( a historical island ) was to die for. Our room had a comfortable king size bed, a dressing room, a bathroom, a living room and a private infinity pool as I mentioned already – yes, I was lucky to enjoy it! Everything faded away, only a thousand OMG’s ran around my head. We took this occasion to work at our terrace to enjoy this breathtaking moment as we had to answer some emails, but come on, with such a wonderful surrounding it makes fun to work, right? We just ordered some typical cretan dishes to our room to have lunch at our terrace. Our first day was right on point, especially as we continued it with a delicious dinner in the end of the day.

The day after we started our morning with a Hotel Tour. Two lovely ladies from the Sales & Marketing Department were showing us the whole Resort. We discovered it by buggy as the hotel is huge, but at the same time very overseeable. I loved seeing their different room and villa categories, SPA, restaurants and pool areas. I was kind of amazed as the hotel offers more than just great ‚holidays‘. It gives you so much more, just in case if you are open to discover and explore the Cretan Mentality. Afterwards we had some free time for ourselves before we went out with their own traditional Caique for a little Boat Tour. We stopped at a popular swimming place where we were able to jump into the crystal blue water. It made so much fun swimming around. In the afternoon we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Caique and drove back to the hotel. I still remember the incredible colors of the island, sea and sun. These kind of memories are worth it to keep as they are unique. During midnight we had dinner at their typical Cretan restaurant called Blue Doors. We had so much fun during that night. We were eating, drinking and dancing.

On our third day we had our Spinalonga ( known as Kalydon, located in the Gulf of Elounda in north-eastern of Crete, next to the town called Plaka. Originally, Spinalonga was not an island – it was part of the island of Crete. During Venetian occupation the island was carved out of the coast for defence purposes and a fort was built there. The island has also been used as a leper colony. Spinalonga has appeared in novels, television series, and a short film. ) Tour on our Schedule. Unfortunately my sister and I had to skip this trip as we had to work. We needed to answer emails, organize everything for Fashion Week and do some phone calls. Sometimes it’s not possible doing everything. I’m super sad that I was not able to explore Spinalonga. However, we met the group at the Isola Beach Club for lunch. Around 06.00 pm we had a Cretan Cuisine Cooking Class. I think that was one of the best experiences I’ve made. It was super interesting how Cretan people do their food. One important fact: they use LOT of Olive Oil! The whole bottle of Olive Oil where empty after the second meal, but this is why all dishes are so delicious in Greece.

Well, I think you can imagine what you can expect of a typical Cretan Vacation: the whole trip consists of exploring, talking, relaxing, eating and drinking. All in all, the best Press Trip I ever did. I really can recommend the Blue Palace Resort & Spa to everyone of you. It is such a wonderful hotel with so many activity opportunities.


1. Visit Plaka Village

2. Try all their 5 different restaurants

3. Hang out at your private pool or at the beach

4. Try their water sport activities

5. Book a trip to Spinalonga

6. Try the typical Cretan Rosé Wine

7. Experience the SPA

8. Enjoy the sunset while smoking Shisha

9. Rent a car to get to the hotel ( it takes 1 hour from the Airport ) and also to explore the island

10. Eat typical Cretan Food at their Blue Door Restaurant

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Images by Sylvia & Julia Haghjoo